About Us

About Us

We are a furniture manufacturer specializing in handcrafting wood furniture to customer designs and specifications. We work with customers of all shapes and sizes with furniture project regardless of scale. A full container load order by a furniture store or a few pieces by an end-user. Any customers are welcomed and given the same enthusiasm and care.

Baroque console table plansCutting the baroque condole table legCarving the baroque console table front sideCarving the cabriole legsAssembling the baroque console tablePainting the baroque consoe table

What we do

We custom-made wood furniture according to photos you found elsewhere, sketches/drawings of your own design, or modifications to our existing Indonesian made furniture in our website. We have a simple thought in our mind that there is no standard size for any furniture pieces. With this simple thought we provide you a simple way to buy furniture pieces in any size that suits your needs.

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"Jan Furnitur" is a Javanese words describing a perfectly made wood furniture, in English Truly/really/absolutely furniture. Jan Furniture is trade mark of our company Tarida Hutahaean UD, also our final goal in manufacturing each of our wood furniture.

Founded in 2005 in Jepara, a district in Java island known as a center of Indonesian furniture industries. In the early years we custom-made furniture for furniture stores and were involved in some hotels and restaurant furnishing projects in Bali.

Managed to build a collaborative handcrafting network with various furniture craftsmen in Java, since 2012 we exporting custom-made furniture mixed with Indonesian-made furniture to customers in several countries around the world.

Collaborative handcrafting networks

Although its look simple and easy to work with, wood furniture manufacturing requires a complicated process and detailed techniques. Skilled carpentry and best hardwood are not enough to build a good wood furniture.

Expertise and Craftsmanship

The complexity of the wood furniture manufacturing requires expertise and craftsmanship that know how to handle the selection of wood logs, decide the sawing methods, cross-cutting, planning, molding, construction and joinery design, assembling, to the final process the sanding-finishing.

This expertise and craftsmanship often lacking in large-run furniture manufacturing facilities since most of them focus on mass production of large quantities of similar furniture products.

That's where we make difference, we have expertise in obtaining and selecting the best hardwoods in Indonesia, we are able to match craftsmen in our handcrafting network to meet craftsmanship requirements for your projects.

Vary in capacity and capability

Our in-house custom furniture manufacturing facility combined with the handcrafting collaboration allows us to supply you with various Indonesian-made furniture and handicrafts mixed with custom-made furniture in a shipment. Any of the craftsmen involved in our handcrafting network are vary in capacity and capability, starting from wood carving artisans to the semi-machine furniture factories.