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Bedroom furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Whether you want to furnish your bedroom with classic dramatic or clean lines style, we have it all in our bedroom furniture section. We provide you many bedframe designs from antique replica to modern platform bed.

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Dining room furniture

Dining room Furniture

Our dining room furniture collection features dining tables, chairs, and storages to furnish your dining room and kitchen. The pieces is handcrafted of the best tropical hardwood into a fabulous

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Living room furniture

Living room Furniture

Many of the living room sofa in our collection come with loveseat and lounge chair to give you complete set of living room seat. Coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans available in various styles to match the seat set.

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Bathroom furniture

Bathroom Furniture

Our bathroom furniture is made of high grade teak wood harvested from sustainable timber plantation in Indonesia. Features unfinished teak washstand, vanity, and cupboards.

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Office furniture

Office Furniture

We offer various selection of wood furniture to furnish your home office. Traditional classic partner desk, escritoire, writing table to working on, also many large bookcases and bookshelves for storages.

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Outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture

We sourcing Java island to find the best and reasonable price of teak garden and all weather wicker furniture for you. While all wicker furniture in our outdoor furniture collection is made by modern factory.

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Perhutani plantation harvested wood is known to be the best timber available in Indonesia, usually straight and has few to none dead knot. As shown in the following photos, the tree branches are cut before they grow to allow the trees grow straight.

Teak plantation in indonesia

Sustainable wood

Plantation teak wood and Production forest mahogany

The wood used to build our furniture came from the world largest teak plantation and production forest in Java island owned by state through PERHUTANI, Indonesia state-owned forest enterprise.

The company strictly control the planting and harvesting cycle of the timber in 2 million hectares production forest of Indonesia. The size and the age of the harvested wood limited, the age has to be more than ten years old before it harvested. This is to preserve natural resources while providing high-quality wood to industries.

Seasoning teak in FSC plantation


Naturally drying before felled

The wood harvesting steps in plantation involve a seasoning process, it is cut cylindrically for 2 - 5 cm depth and left it dry for sometimes.

The seasoning took about 6 month to a year according to the timber size, the wood is drying while it stand while the PERHUTANI prepare replacement tree. This is to ensure no tree is cut before replacement planted.

Although the wood has been drying naturally, once it become sawn timber it will need a kiln dry process.