French mahogany armoire

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French mahogany armoire accented with a large crown molding at the top section. A beautiful classic wardrobe cabinet decorated with intricate carving of flower and foliage relief. Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood using traditional wood furniture construction, tenon mortise structure joint and floating panels. Hand sanded a smooth wooden surface, finished using wood stain and polyurethane spray coating.

Overall dimension

Width 130 cm, Depth 57 cm, Height 215 cm


Mahogany wood

Baroque carving wardrobe cabinet

The French mahogany armoire is a movable freestanding wardrobe cabinet decorated with baroque period elaborate wood carving, the armoire stand proud finish with a large wooden crown molding topmost. The molding combines ogees, coves, beads into an elegant detail. Small bead profile of the molding decorated with whimsical wood carving while the large bead accentuate the wood grains in plain.

Large molding crown topmost

The armoire features several wooden shelves and a wooden hanger in adjustable layout inside the compartment. You can set up the compartment to contain hanger to hang your clothes, or use the wooden shelves to store your folded sweaters.

The compartment enclosed by 2 doors enclosed by 2 doors using double hinges mechanism to allow the door folded to the armoire side. Cabriole front legs and plain back legs support the armoire on the floor.

Brass lock and flower carving door

Elaborate wood carving

The most interesting part of the French mahogany armoire is the elaborate wood carving and relief used to decorate it doors and structures. The stiles decorated with low relief wood carving sectioned into leaves carving top and bottom, and foliage carving at the middle.

The top rails decorated with a more intricate carving of foliage protruding out of the wooden bowl carving on the center of the rails. The bottom rails decorated with foliage carving outline the curves at the lower side, the wood carving concealing the joint to the cabriole legs at the left and right side.

Foliage carving top rail door

Solid wood panels

The armoire doors is constructed using traditional wood furniture construction and double hinges mechanism. The doors constructed of plain stiles, carved rails, and solid wood panels inside the frame. The top rail decorated with flowering plants wood carving, the middle lock rails decorated with foliage carving and it vase, the bottom rails decorated with scrolling and leaves carving.

Cabriole legs and bottom rails carving

The solid wood panels floating inside the stiles and rails to prevent it cracking and warping over the seasons.

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