Bedroom Furniture

Whether you want to furnish your bedroom with classic dramatic or simple minimalist style, we have it all in our bedroom furniture section. We provide you many bed frame designs from antique furniture replica to modern platform bed. Completed with bedside table, wardrobe cabinet, dressers, and dressing tables.

Recent bedframe we made

A beautiful armoire handcrafted of mahogany solid wood according to French antique furniture piece.

French armoire

Mahogany wood | W. 130, D. 57H. 215 cm

A French classic armoire accented with a beautiful large molding crown and intricate relief carving of flowers and foliage. A perfect large storage for your clothes, employ double antique brass hinges to allow the doors opened into 270 degree.

The armooire is handcrafted out of Indonesian mahogany wood assembled with traditional solid wood construction. Tenon mortise structure joint, raised panels sides and doors inside molding edges frame.

We can apply any finishing methods and techniques according to customer instruction. Also, customize the compartment contents to use shelves, rails, and drawers combination to meet your requirements.

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Classic French armoire replica handmade of mahogany solid wood

French country armoire

Mahogany wood | W. 122, D. 56H. 208 cm

The French country armoire features a large compartment with several adjustable height shelves and a wooden hanger enclosed by 2 doors. The piece handcrafted of mahogany solid wood into a classic bonnet top cabinet, decorated with molding crown and rice carving. 

Employs raised panels floating inside profiled edges frames on the left and right sides. Four cabriole legs with whorl feet connected by rice carving rails stand on the floor supporting the armoire.

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Victorian dressing table replica handcrafted of mahogany wood

Victorian dressing table WS

Mahogany wood | W. 105, D. 47H. 175 cm

The Victorian dressing table has a kidney shape top on four cabriole legs. An oval shape mirror standing between flower carving pillar on 2 small drawers base sit on the table top. 

The dressing table handcrafted out of Indonesian mahogany solid wood using traditional wood furniture construction. An upholstered seat round stool included with the dressing table. The stool comes with four cabriole legs similar to the table.

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Victorian period standing mirror made of mahogany wood

Victorian standing mirror

Mahogany wood | W. 76, D. 51H. 166 cm

Victorian standing mirror features a large mirror panel inside a rounded top rectangular wooden frames. The mirror standing within twig shape curved poles on the left and right sides.

Both poles employ two legs spread down into front and back direction, scrolling on the floor to stand the mirror. The wooden frames, poles, and rails decorated with bead edges molding..

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Late baroque furniture - Rococo revival carving dressing table handcrafted of mahogany wood

Rococo dressing table

Mahogany wood | W. 100, D. 50H. 175 cm

The rococo dressing table features an intricate wood carving on the mirror frame and top leaf apron. The piece is handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, oval shape mirror frame, and kidney shape top table, on four cabriole legs. 

The mirror frame decorated with flower carving crown and foliage relief carving, fastened to the table top using two rounded drawers as a base. 

The table comes with a kidney shape top leaf, plain surface with molding edges decoration fastened to the flower carving aprons. A small drawers on the front aprons using a wooden knob pulls. A square shape upholstered seat stool included with the dressing table.

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French classic furniture rococo period nightstand 2 drawers handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Convex front drawers decorated with flower carving, shell carving pulls at  the mid center.

Rococo nightstand 2d

Mahogany wood | W. 55, D. 45H. 80 cm

The rococo nightstand is a replica of an antique nightstand that popular in French on the late baroque period. The piece is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood using traditional furniture construction with modern hardwares. 

The rococo nightstand features two convex front drawers. The drawers front side decorated with flower carving, and a shell carving pull. 

Four cabriole legs with flower carving knees connected by foliage carving aprons. 

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Solid wood breakfront dresser 6 drawers cabriole legs

Breakfront Dresser 6d

Mahogany wood | W. 80, D. 40H. 75 cm

The breakfront dressers handcrafted similar to Louis XV furniture. It features beautiful cabriole legs and curved rails decorated with bead molding edge. The dresser has six drawers on the front sides, 2 large drawers on the breakfront central section,  and 2 small drawers on the left section, and 2 small drawers on the right sections.

All six drawers decorated with bead molding outline on the front side, 2 large drawers using bracket plate pulls and 4 small drawers using knob pulls made of solid brass.

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A true copy of French late baroque bedframe handcrafted of Indonesia grown mahogany wood. Embellished with elaborate wood carving on the headboard and footboard. Available in various finishes.

Rococo bed

Mahogany wood | W. 225, D. 160H. 145 cm

The rococo bed is decorated with an intricate wood carving similar to late baroque period furniture. The piece is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood. 145 cm headboard height decorated with rococo carving, scrolls, and foliage fretwork. 

Low foot board and side aprons decorated with flower carving. Wooden slats mattress support.

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Louis XV sleigh bed made of mahogany solid wood

Mahogany sleigh bed LXV

Mahogany wood | W. 174, D. 226H. 96 cm

The mahogany sleigh bed is a true copy of Louis XV period furniture features beautiful curved headboard and foot board resembling a sleigh front shape. The bed has a molding edges side rails connect bracket foot on the head board to the foot board using tenon mortise joint with screws fastener. 

The piece is handcrafted out of Indonesian mahogany solid wood, using traditional furniture construction and modern hardwares. 

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