Dining room and kitchen furniture made of teak wood

Dining room furniture

Our dining room furniture collection features dining tables, chairs, and storages to furnish your dining room and kitchen. The pieces is handcrafted of the best tropical hardwood into a fabulous dining tables, dining chairs, and various storages. All of our dining chair reinforced with corner bracket to ensure they last for a long time.

The regency dining table features two extensions that allow extending the top table from 6ft to 10ft  wide. Two pedestals assembled of turning column and four spider legs stand on the floor to support the top table.

Regency dining table

Mahogany wood | W. 300, D. 110H. 78 cm

A perfect table for a large dining room, the Regency dining table features two extension leaves that allow you to extend the table from 6 to 10 feet. Handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood, the table is made according to English regency period dining table. Plain solid wood top leaf accented with teardrops carving edges fastened onto bead edge apron using wooden clips to allow solid wood movement.

Two pedestals decorated with foliage relief carving support the table top on the left and right sides. Each pedestal feature four reeded top sides spider legs with solid brass feet. The table includes two solid wood extension leaves and  a solid brass crank to ease extending the table top.

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Victorian antique pedestal dining table replica handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood extendable top leaf turning pedestal and scrolling legs

Victorian pedestal table RE

Mahogany wood | W. 110, D. 110H. 78 cm

The Victorian pedestal round table features a leaf extension that allow you to extend the table top into an oval shape. The piece is handmade of  mahogany solid wood. Plain top leaf decorated with profile edge fastened onto bead molding edge circular apron. 

The top table assembled with traditional solid wood construction and extension mechanism. Supported by a large turning column fitted onto star shape wooden plat with scrolling feet.

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An antique display cabinet of the Victorian period remade using mahogany solid wood. Handcrafted to perfection by Indonesian furniture craftsmen in Central Java.

Victorian display cabinet 2 GD

Mahogany wood | W. 125, D. 50H. 210 cm

The Victorian display cabinet comes in sections, a glass doors hutch and a sideboard. The hutch features a large molding crown at the top most. Two glass doors at the front side covering a compartment of 2 wooden shelves,

The sideboard features two drawers and a compartment covered by 2 wooden doors. Curved front drawers similar to the sleigh front shape assembled with dovetail joints on top of paneled doors using solid brass pulls.

Our builders handcrafted the cabinet out of Indonesian mahogany solid wood using traditional wood furniture construction and joinery. The hutch door using 3mm glass panels, solid brass hinges, and pulls.

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The most simple vitrine of the colonial period antique furniture handcrafted of mahogany solid wood

Colonial vitrine

Mahogany wood | W. 70, D. 45H. 190 cm

The colonial vitrine made according to colonial period furniture design. The vitrine comes with a glass compartment on top of a convex drawers.

The main compartment contains three glass shelves, enclosed by glass panels on the front, left, and back sides. The door on the left sides fastened to the cabinet structure useing solid brass hinges. 

The cabinet base features a convex shape on four sides and a drawer on the front side. Four bun feet support the vitrine on the floor.

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Colonial dining table oval top 330 cm length is a perfect selection for your large dining room. It has double extensions and five turning legs decorated with vertical reeds.

Colonial dining table

Mahogany wood | W. 330, D. 120H. 78 cm

The colonial dining table is one of the best selling furniture pieces among the English antique periods dining tables. The piece has a strong but beautiful appearance with it oval shape top leaf and four large turning legs. 

The table comes with extension mechanism and two extension leaves that allow you extend the table into 285 cm using single extension, and 330 cm using double extensions.

An extra leg on the central bottom ensure the top table straight when it extended into maximum length. Four large turning legs decorated with vertical reeds, a central leg come in plain and smalles sizes. All five legs equipped with solid brass casters.

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Teak wood cabinet 2 glass doors 2 wood doors

Teak wood vitrine 2d4dw

Teak wood | W. 120, D. 50H. 200 cm

The teak wood vitrine comes in strong and bold appearance sectioned into a hutch and sideboard base. The piece is made of plantation harvested teak solid wood.

The hutch contain 2 wooden shelves enclosed by 2 doors. The doors assembled of wide frames and 3 mm glass panels, fastened to the hutch using concealed hinges.

The sideboard has 2 drawers inline on top of a compartment enclosed by 2 wooden doors..

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Rococo, late baroque period classic furniture decorated with distinctive carving. Popular in French when furniture design employ intricate carving of whimsical and asymmetrical forms.

Rococo dining chair

Mahogany wood | W. 55, D. 50H. 108 cm

Rococo dining chair decorated with foliage carving on the backrest stiles, roses and scrolls relief carving cresting the backrest top frame. 

The chair frame is handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, assembled with traditional wood furniture joints. Cabriole front legs decorated with acanthus relief carving knee ended with scrolling foot on the floor.

The chair seat and backrest upholstered with foam on rubber stripes, covered with various fabric and leather.

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Rococo dining table 6 feet handcrafted of mahogany solid wood

Rococo dining table

Mahogany wood | W. 180, D. 100H. 75 cm

Rococo dining table a late baroque furniture replica comes with an elegant design. The table features a rounded edges turtle top leaf fastened to the table rails using wooden clips allowing solid wood movement. 

The rococo dining table is handcrafted of sustainable production forest mahogany wood. Flat packing construction with corner bracket joints legs to top table fastened with screws and bolt.

The table rails decorated with foliage relief carving and bead molding edge, connect four cabriole legs all around.

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Fiddle back dining chair - Victorian antique furniture replica

Fiddle back chair TL

Mahogany wood | W. 50, D. 45H. 90 cm

The fiddle back chair features balloon shape backrest and pierced splat fiddle carving central decoration. The chair is made according to English classic furniture design using Indonesian mahogany solid wood.

Turning front legs with  blunt arrow feet connected by a bead molding edges rails to curved backward plain back legs. The seat upholtered with foam on rubber stripes covered by various fabric and leather selections.

The chair available in various finishes and colors.

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