Rustic cupboard

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A contemporary wardrobe cabinet 2 doors handcrafted of reclaimed teak solid wood. The piece comes with a single compartment contain a wooden hanger enclosed by 2 doors on the front side. Coarse surface clear wood grains achieved by apply special treatment to the wood surface.

Size 125x 45x 150cm

Material: Reclaimed wood

Color: White washed


Dimension and sizes

Overall dimension :
Width 125, Depth 45, Height 150 Centimeter
Width4918, Depth 1758, Height 59 Inch


Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

Our reclaimed teak id salvaged and repurposed from old houses, boats, bridges, and other structures that are being dismantled or renovated. It is supports environmental conservation by reducing deforestation and the impact on natural habitats. Salvaged properly, cleaned and treated to remove any potential contaminants or pests. The availability of reclaimed teak can vary, and it more expensive than other types of wood due to its quality and unique characteristics.


Rustic ditressed woodgrains Clear coat

Clear coat : Rustic ditressed woodgrains

Aggressively distressed wood surface, achieved by wire brushing the wood surface to wear off the softer light colored portions of the wood grains ad living the denser wood. Hand sanded with a fine grain sandpaper to remove any burs or splintersbefore stained and finished.

White washed Color

Color : White washed

We apply a sanding sealer to our furniture before painting or staining the wood surface. The purpose is to fill and seal the pores of the wood, creating a smoother and more even surface, allowing for a smoother final finish, and prevent moisture absorption.

Matte Clear coat

Clear coat : Matte

Provides a permanent, non-gloss finish which protects the color and wood surface. These finishes deliver a smooth, subtle look and show little to no sheen when dry since it prevents the full passage of light. Causing it to reflect in various directions and reducing the sheen and the reflected light.

Whitewashed coarse wood grains wardrobe cabinet

A contemporary wardrobe cabinet 2 doors handcrafted of reclaimed teak solid wood. The piece comes with a single compartment contain a wooden hanger enclosed by 2 doors on the front side. Coarse surface clear wood grains achieved by apply special treatment to the wood surface.

Contemporary simple

The rustic cupboard handcrafted of reclaimed teak wood from demolished Javanese traditional house. Simple design with plain top, the cupboard employ flat panels inside thin frame. The piece features a large compartment with a rounded hanger fixed at the topmost.

The compartment supported by four legs perpendicularly accented into L shape, reinforced with a horizontal stretched front to back legs.

Distressed wood grains

The cupboard has a rustic appearance with coarse wood grains achieved by wire brushed the wood surface using wire cup grinder. Carefully hand sanded to clean the wood particle, this extra ordinary small cupboard clearly shows natural wood grains.

We apply water based paint to fill the wood pores and polyurethane spray coating to protect the wood and white paint inside.

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