Solid wood furniture for small home office

Home Office

We offer various selection of wood furniture to furnish your home office. Traditional classic partner desk, escritoire, writing table to working on, also many large bookcases and bookshelves for storages.

Vintage bookcase mahogany wood 2 glass door hutch

Vintage bookcase 2D

Mahogany wood | W. 96, D. 40H. 190 cm

English vintage bookcase handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. 2 glass doors hutch on top of 2 solid wood doors sideboard base. Solid wood shelves inside hutch and sideboard.

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English antique partner desk replica hancrafted of mahogany solid wood, features leather inlay top

Classic partner desk replica LT

Mahogany wood | W. 180, D. 90H. 77 cm

A classic partner desk replica made of mahogany solid wood. Green leather inlay and 3 drawers desk top lying on top of 2 double sided cabinet pedestals 3 drawers and a compartment enclosed by a door at the left and right side.

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Victorian bookcase: Mahogany wood glass doors hutch & sideboard base

Antique bookcase 6 doors

Mahogany wood | W. 170, D. 50H. 207 cm

Antique furniture replica of Victorian period bookcase 3 glass doors hutch, 3 doors and 3 drawers sideboard base. Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, equipped with solid brass hinges and pulls.

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Swivel chair mahogany frame leather seat and backrest

Swivel chair

Mahogany wood | W. 60, D. 55H. 102 cm

Classic office chair made of mahogany wood, leather upholstery seat and backrest. Turning solid wood large base on five spider legs with plastic casters to allow moving and turning the chair.

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Mahogany wood colonial bookshelf 2 drawers

Colonial bookshelf 2D

Mahogany wood | W. 90, D. 35H. 180 cm

Colonial period bookshelf 2 drawers and 3 adjustable height shelves handcrafted of mahogany solid wood.

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Colonial writing table made of mahogany solid wood

Writing table 3 drawers

Mahogany wood | W. 125, D. 65H. 77 cm

Colonial period writing table handmade of mahogany solid wood, leather top leaf, 3 drawers front apron, turning and reeded four legs.

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Colonial partner desk 12 drawers handmade of mahogany wood

Partner desk 12

Mahogany wood | W. 180, D. 90H. 75 cm

Colonial classic partner desk 12 drawers and 2 doors handcrafted of mahogany wood, leather desk top work space.

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Louis XV Sleigh desk 6 drawers 1 door mahogany solid wood

Sleigh desk 150

Mahogany wood | W. 150, D. 75H. 75 cm

French classic Louis XV period desk handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, 3 drawers under the solid wood top leaf, 4 drawers left and a compartment enclosed by a door at the right side.

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Reclaimed wood desk 4 drawers turning mahogany wood legs.

Reclaimed wood desk 4D

Reclaimed Teak wood | W. 180, D. 70H. 75 cm

Reclaimed wood desk features old teak wood top leaf on recycle mahogany wood legs.Natural distressed rustic desktop lying on top of painted turning legs, plain aprons with four drawers at the front side.

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