Office Furniture

We offer various selection of wood furniture to furnish your home office. Traditional classic partner desk, escritoire, writing table to working on, also many large bookcases and bookshelves for storages.

Louis XVI Librarian chair
Librarian chair

Decided to keep working from home? Here we handcrafted for you a Louis XVI librarian chair to complement your home office with classic French furniture. The chair is made of mahogany wood, decorated with reeds, and upholstered with leather.

Colonial Desk chair
Desk chair

Are you looking for a classic desk chair to match your vintage bureau? Our semi-circular office chairs come in a colonial style, supported by fluted legs and decorated with turned wooden bars. Classic style with modern comfort, the chair is upholstered with latex hybrid foam covered leather.

Louis XV Bureau plat
Bureau plat

Work at home in your own palace, furnish your home office with French classic flat-topped writing desk. A beautiful bureau plat leather inlaid desk top, features a large recessed central drawer and two small drawers either side.

Victorian Victorian Bookcase 6D
Victorian Bookcase 6D

Victorian bookcase is a replica of an English Victorian period furniture handcrafted out of mahogany solid wood. The book case sectioned into a molding crown hutch on top of block base sideboard. The hutch has 3 glass doors hutch contain two wooden shelves, the sideboard has 3 drawers compartments on top of 3 doors compartments.

Plain Teak bookshelf Diagon
Teak bookshelf Diagon

Colonial style bookshelf with 10 drawers diagonally from right top to left bottom. Handmade of teak wood, 4 shelves left top, 3 shelves right bottom. Dovetail joint drawers with wooden knob pulls.

Victorian Colonial bookshelf 2D
Colonial bookshelf 2D

Colonial period bookshelf 2 drawers and 3 adjustable height shelves handcrafted of mahogany solid wood.

Ruji Trellis bookshelf MS
Trellis bookshelf MS

Colonial style bookshelf 2 drawers handmade of teak wood. 3 shelves top 2 dovetailed drawers with solid brass pulls bottom.

Directoire Ushant bookshelf
Ushant bookshelf

French Classic directoire bookshelf made of mahogany wood. 3 columns and 3 rows shelves, 4 large drawers, and 8 small drawers with solid brass pulls.

Canga Slim bookshelf
Slim bookshelf

Slim bookshelf 4 open shelves on top of a small compartment enclosed by a wooden door. The piece is made of reclaimed teak wood, assembled with simple structures and flat solid wood panels. Hand finished with gray washed finishes methods.

Victorian Vintage bookcase
Vintage bookcase

English vintage bookcase handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. 2 glass doors hutch on top of 2 solid wood doors sideboard base. Solid wood shelves inside hutch and sideboard.

Empire Partner desk
Partner desk

The partner desk is a wide desktop and kneehole that allowing you to work together with your partner on the same work surface. The top section of the desk has 3 drawers inline under leather inlaid top. A cupboard on the left side and a chest of drawers on the right side support the desktop.

Victorian Colonial partner desk
Colonial partner desk

Victorian partner desk is handcrafted out of Indonesian mahogany solid wood into an exquisite furniture piece. The desk provides you with plenty of storage to help you maintain the neatness of your workspace, and smooth solid wood desktop for a writing surface.

Directoire Directoire escritoire
Directoire escritoire

A French classic escritoire handcrafted out of mahogany wood into a directoire style secretary writing table. The piece comes with 8 drawers desktop storages and 3 drawers laptop, supported by four turning legs.

Louis XV French partner desk
French partner desk

French classic Louis XV period desk handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, 3 drawers under the solid wood top leaf, 4 drawers left and a compartment enclosed by a door at the right side.

Colonial Sheraton writing table
Sheraton writing table

Furnish your home office into British classic space with our Sheraton Georgian period writing table antique replica. The table comes with leather inlay top and three dovetailed drawers under the top leaf.

Karimun Reclaimed teak steel desk
Reclaimed teak steel desk

Beautiful old wood grains combine with steel legs, our reclaimed teak desk is a perfect selection to furnish a room into a working space. Plain and simple top leaf features straight and firm edges emphasize the precision and accuracy in work.

Colonial American rolltop desk
American rolltop desk

Classic colonial style desk rolltop made of solid teak wood.

Victorian Chippendale bureau 5D
Chippendale bureau 5D

The reproduction of Victorian period furniture, Chippendale bureau 5 drawers. Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, teardrop carving top leaf edges. 5 drawers front, 2 small drawers at the left and right, a wide drawer center.

Plantation Flip down bureau w/hutch
Flip down bureau w/hutch

Classic bureau flip down desk top, glass door hutch, made of teak wood. The bottom desk height is 110 cm, 2 doors and 3 drawers at the bottom setion, 6 drawers an a shelf at the desk top. Top hutch height is 114cm and 35 cm depth, 2 shelves inside.

Teak bamboo Desk 2D
Desk 2D

Indonesian original style desk 3 drawers, teak wood structures, bamboo weaving panels. Plain legs, breakfront top with curved center drawers. A stretcher bottom for foot rest.

Teak bamboo Desk 3Ds
Desk 3Ds

Indonesian desk embellished with rattan wicker fitted into the teak wood structure. The table has 3 drawers under top leaf, raised front central drawers, between flat front smaller drawer.

Blackwood Blackwood writing table
Blackwood writing table

Modern writing table 1 drawer made of solid teak wood.

Blackwood Desk

Taper four legs colonial style desk handmade of teak wood. 2 drawers left, 2 drawers right, and 1 drawers center solid brass pulls.

Plain Reclaimed teak bookcase
Reclaimed teak bookcase

Eco friendly reclaimed teak wood handcrafted into a simple bookcase. Steel brush distressed and white wash finishing. 3 shelves and 3 sliding glass doors top, 2 doors and 2 drawers bottom.

Basic Vitrine 2 drawers
Vitrine 2 drawers

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 drawers bottom, glass door and 2 adjustable shelves top.

Basic Basic display cabinet
Basic display cabinet

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 plains solid wood doors and 3 drawers bottom, 4 glass doors and 3 shelves top.

Plain Crossing slats shelving
Crossing slats shelving

Plain stiles crossing slats side free stand  shelving unit handcrafted of teak wood.

Turner Desk 4D
Desk 4D

The reclaimed wood desk features an old age solid wood desktop on classic flute legs. Salvaged from unused old benches and tables in Java island village the desktop has a naturally distressed surface, brings both unique woodgrains and weather possessed color on it.

Avignon Avignon bookshelf
Avignon bookshelf

Solid wood bookshelf 3 drawers middle made of mahogany. 3 shelves top, 2 shelves bottom. Flower carving top apron.

Rotang Rotang bookshelf
Rotang bookshelf

Contemporary bookshelf made of mahogany solid wood, rattan shelves.

Whitewashed Bookshelf 3 drawers
Bookshelf 3 drawers

Contemporary bookshelf 3 drawers and 4 shelves handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Steel brushed and white washed finish.

Sitoguran Simple desk
Simple desk

Plain teak office table combined with 3 drawers file chest of drawers. Dovetail joint top leaf with left and right legs. Stainless steel drawer pulls, casters foot file cabinet. Made of grade A teak timber, smooth sanding finish. Chest size : W.50 cm, D.56 cm, H.66 cm.

Parsamean Bookcase 12 doors
Bookcase 12 doors

Big teak furniture 12 doors, 9 drawers Rambe bookcase. Made of grade A teak timber in 2 sections hutch and base. The Hutch consists of 6 glass doors with solid wood frame, 5 drawers beneath center 2 doors. Stainless steel door pulls and hinges, 3 shelves inside. The base section consists of 6 wood panel doors, 2 drawers on top of lef and right doors.

Parsamean Bookcase RSD
Bookcase RSD

A large teak furniture piece, Rambe bookcase. Handmade of grade A teak timber into 2 sections a hutch and a base. The hutch consists of 6 glass solid wood frame sliding doors, 5 small drawers center. The base consists of 6 wood panel sliding doors, 4 drawers. Stainless steel hardware, plastic sliding rails.

Sigende Bookshelf FP
Bookshelf FP

Minimalist style bookshelf made of grade A teak wood, cube shelves 3 rows and 3 columns, floating panels construction. 2 slising doors bottom, plasticj slide rails, stainless steel door handles.

Sigende Teak bookcase 4 doors
Teak bookcase 4 doors

Plain teak bookcase 4 glass doors top, 4 drawers and 4 wood panel doors bottom. Mad of grade A teak wood into 2 sections base and hutch.  The hutch consists of 4 glass doors solid teak wood frame, stainless steel handles, conclealed hinges, 2 shelves inside. The base consists of 4 dovetailed drawers top, stainless steel plate pulls. 4 wood panel doors, concealed hines, stainless steel pulls.

Parsamean Tapian bookcase 6D
Tapian bookcase 6D

Simple bookcase made of grade A teak timber in 2 sections base and hutch. The hutch consists of 2 shelves, 4 glass with solid wood frame doors stainless steel hinges, and knob door pulls. The base consists of 4 wood panel doors, 6 dovetail joint drawers, stainless steel door hinges and pulls.

Parsamean Tapian bookcase SD
Tapian bookcase SD

Sliding 3 doors base bookcase made of grade A teak timber. 2 setion base and hutch. Glass 3 sliding doors solid wood frame, 3 shelves hutch. Wood panel 3 sliding doors solid wood frame, s shelf inside base.

Colonial Siam teak desk 4 drawers
Siam teak desk 4 drawers

Curved outward legs, 4 drawers desk hanmade of solid teak wood.

Plain Teak desk
Teak desk

A plain teak desk 1 drawers under the top leaf, 4 small drawer on desk top.

Plain Corner desk 1 drawer
Corner desk 1 drawer

Plain and simple corner desk hand made of teak wood. 1 large drawers under the top leaf, a shelf hutch above the desktop.

Colonial Small cashier desk
Small cashier desk

Small cashier desk in classic colonial style handmade of teak wood. 3 dovetailed drawers with solid brass knob pulls bottom.

Teak bamboo Bookshelf

Traditional bookshelf, 2 drawers, solid wood structures. Handmade of teak wood mixed bamboo.

Ruji Teak bookshelf Trellis
Teak bookshelf Trellis

Colonial classic bookshelf 3 wooden drawers middle. Handmade of teak wood, solid wood structure, teak trellis side panels.

Ruji Ruji bookshelf 4 drawers
Ruji bookshelf 4 drawers

Colonial style small bookshelf handmade of teak wood. Solid wood profiled edge top leaf, wooden trellis back - left- right side, open shelf front top.

Victorian Swivel chair
Swivel chair

Classic office chair made of mahogany wood, leather upholstery seat and backrest. Turning solid wood large base on five spider legs with plastic casters to allow moving and turning the chair.

Colonial Colonial small desk
Colonial small desk

A classic colonial style desk turning four legs. Handmade of teak wood, 3 drawers right 1 drawers laptop. Dovetail joints drawer, solid brass bracket pills.

Blackwood Blackwood pedestal desk
Blackwood pedestal desk

Minimalist wooden desk 5 drawers. Made of solid teak, 2 drawers left, 3 drawers right, dovetailed and wooden knob pulls.

Allom Plain escritoire 4 drawers
Plain escritoire 4 drawers

Plain and simple secretary desk 2 legs with a chest of 4 drawers made of teak wood.