Teak stacking chair3
Teak stacking chair1
Teak stacking chair4
Teak stacking chair2
Montego stacking chair
Teak stacking chair3
Teak stacking chair1
Teak stacking chair4
Teak stacking chair2
Montego stacking chair

Montego stacking chair

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Slats seat and backrest stacking chair made of solid teak wood, solid brass fitting.Packing : 4 units / boxVolume : 0.552 cbm / box Excl. Cushion.

Size 59x 58x 90cm

Material: Teak wood

Color: Natural


Dimension and sizes

Overall dimension :
Width 59, Depth 58, Height 90 Centimeter
Width2318, Depth 2268, Height 3538 Inch


Teak Wood

Teak Wood

Teak is a type of hardwood known for its durability, beauty, and natural resistance to various environmental elements. Our teak timber comes from the Tectona grandis tree, which is harvested from Teak plantation in Java island, Indonesia. Teak is known for its exceptional durability and longevity. It has a relatively low shrinkage rate, less likely to warp, crack, or split. These combination of natural resistance, longevity, and aesthetic appeal make it a popular choice for high-quality, long-lasting furniture pieces.


Fine sanding Treatment

Treatment : Fine sanding

We apply multiple sanding treatments to furniture wood surface. Starting from 180-200 grit to remove visible roughness or imperfections of the wood surface, and progressively apply finer grits until the wood has a beautifully smooth surface

Natural Color

Color : Natural

We apply a sanding sealer to our furniture before painting or staining the wood surface. The purpose is to fill and seal the pores of the wood, creating a smoother and more even surface, allowing for a smoother final finish, and prevent moisture absorption.

Unfinished Clear coat

Clear coat : Unfinished

Clear coat not applied to the wood surface

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