Bed frame


A bed is essential for a good sleep night, most people spend one-third of their lives in a bed. This is the basic reason why you should select the best mattress and durable bed frame. When it comes to finding a perfect frame you have to consider that a bed frame is not just a place for a mattress to lay on.

A bed frame provides ample support and protection for the mattress and persons who sleep on it. It should be made of durable materials and has to be assembled with proper construction and joinery. Solid wood is the most preferred material by craftsmen in making bed frames and other bedroom furniture. It is durable but practical and easy to work with, it can be constructed into various bed styles.

Rococo bed frame mahogany wood.

Rococo bed

Late Baroque, French antique furniture replica

Rococo bed marries the symmetrical features of the Baroque furniture period with the rococo natural decorations. The bed features an elaborate wood carving of flowing curves and organic motifs handcrafted on its headboard, footboard, and side rails.

The bed frame is handcrafted out of mahogany solid wood harvested from Perhutani plantation. Our builder constructed the bed frame using traditional wood furniture construction and joinery.

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Sleigh bed Louis XV mahogany

Mahogany sleigh bed

Louis XV, French antique furniture replica

The mahogany sleigh bed is made of mahogany solid wood according to the French antique bed frame of  Louis XV period. The bed depicts a sleigh shape with its curved headboard, the footboard also curved in similar.

The headboard and the footboard constructed with raised panels floating inside sleigh shape curved stiles and rounded top rails. Bead molding edges side rails connect the footboard to the headboard hold wood slats mattress support inside.

The mahogany sleigh bed employs bracket feet on the headboard and footboard.

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Wood bed frame stepped headboard

Oriental stepped bed

Oriental simple fretwork bed frame

The oriental stepped bed is a simple style solid wood bed frame in a minimalist oriental fretwork design. The bed frame is made of sustainable timber harvested from a state-owned teak plantation in Indonesia.

The bed frame features cuboid structures using to construct the headboard, footboard, and side rails. The headboard constructed with cuboid frame and plain solid wood panels, the headboard level is accented with oriental fretwork.

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Samurai bedrfame teak wood

Samurai bed

Indonesian rustic contemporary furniture

The Samurai bed handcrafted out of teak solid wood into a Japanese traditional style low bed. The bed headboard curved backward constructed of large square solid wood stiles connected left to right with plain rails.

The headboard is accented with incurved on out-curved wooden slats forming two X shaped decorations.

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Upholtered bed frame

Upholstered bed

Indonesian simple modern bed frame

An upholstered bed brings a comfortable nuance into a bedroom, especially when the bed upholstered with soft fabric like our new simple bed. The bed features a beautiful high headboard with wings on the left and right sides.

We use teak solid wood to construct the bed frame covered with rubber foam and fabric.  Its a perfect bed to furnish your bedroom in a soft and smooth style.

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Curved mission bed frame

Curved headboard bed

Indonesian mission style rustic bed frame

The curved headboard bed constructed of teak wood into a simple and sturdy simple bed frame. The bed features a mission headboard assembled of curved slats and a large thick frame.

Plain side rails connecting the headboard to the footboard using a tenon mortise joint fastened with bullet head screw and bolt.

The bed available in standard mattress wooden slats support and platform mattress support

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Plantation poster bed handcrafted of Teak solid wood

Plantation poster bed

English antique bed frame modification using teak wood

The plantation poster bed is made according to the Sheraton poster bed with some modifications to the turning post decorations and headboard design. All four posts accented with a cuboid shape under the flute detail section.

The headboard top rail comes in stepped shape connected by three styles to the lower rail holding x-crossing wooden decoration inside.

The plantation poster bed has anything to become a dramatic centerpiece of your bedroom.

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Black wood poster bed

Blackwood poster bed

Indonesian simple plain modern furniture

The blackwood poster bed comes with plain tapered to top posts on all four corners. The bed features a plain canopy connected all four posts at the topmost. This simple modern poster bed is handcrafted out of teak solid wood.

The bed features wide and thick side rails connected the headboard to the footboard, hold some solid wood slats inside as mattress support.

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Plantation sleigh bed frame rattan headboard

Plantation sleigh bed

Indonesian colonial plantation style furniture

The plantation sleigh bed features sleigh shape curved headboard and footboard. Both the headboard and footboard accented with rattan wicker using hole-to-hole strand caning weaving techniques.

The side rails of the bed decorated with three bead moldings on the outer side, some wooden slats inserted into the side rails as a mattress support.

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