Beds and Bedframes

Various solid wood bed frames and headboards in antique reproduction, modern upholstered, and custom design bed by our client

Colonial Poster bed
Poster bed

Also known as the Lord Mountbatten tester bed in Burma, the poster bed was popular in the early 19th century in southeast Asia. The bed features Sheraton-inspired four vertical posters on four corners, flute detail poster accented with straight reeds and twisted reeds.

Baroque Rococo bed
Rococo bed

Rococo bed frame is decorated with intricate wood carving similar to late baroque period furniture. The piece is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany wood. High headboard height decorated with rococo carving, scrolls, and foliage fretwork. Low foot board and side rails decorated with flower carving.

Louis XV Louis sleigh bed
Louis sleigh bed

The Louis sleigh bed is a French antique furniture design that depicts a sleigh shape with its curved headboard. Rounded top rail connecting scrolling top - curved in - then curved out stiles to form the headboard frame. A raised panel inserted to float inside the solid wood frame.

Reclaimed wood and rattan Provincial reclaimed bed
Provincial reclaimed bed

A perfect combination of classic style with old solid wood featured by the Reclaimed wood and rattan bed. The bed designed similar to French Louis XVI period furniture, handcrafted out of reclaimed teak wood from neglected old teak houses in Java island.

Colonial Plantation poster bed
Plantation poster bed

Colonial classic style teak wood poster bed handcrafted of teak solid wood. Finial decorations topmost fix a plain canopy to the posters, turning and reeded mixed with plain square shape.

Oriental Simple bed frame
Simple bed frame

A simple minimalist oriental fretwork style bed frame. The piece is made of plantation harvested teak wood. It features square frame legs low foot board and a stepped headboard connected by plain block side rails.

Opium Opium bed
Opium bed

Low bed oriental style opium, curved legs, no headboard. Made of teak wood, wooden slats mattress support, available in queen, single, and king size mattress.

Opium Sleigh bed
Sleigh bed

Oriental style bended opium legs using sleigh headboard. The bed is made of teak wood, wooden slats mattress support, tenon mortise rails joint with screw fastener.

Rustic Reclaimed wood platform bed
Reclaimed wood platform bed

The rustique bedframe comes with four L shape low posters on four corners. The bedframe handcrafted out of reclaimed wood from demolished old traditional teak houses in Java village. Steel brushed and whitewashed into a contemporary rustic furniture piece.

Modern Upholstered bed
Upholstered bed

A modern comfortable bed features a beautiful high headboard with wings on the left and right sides. Teak solid wood structures covered with rubber foam and fabric. Tapered four legs, wooden slats mattress support in black painted finish. Its a perfect bed to furnish your bedroom in soft and smooth style.

Blackwood Plain tapered poster bed
Plain tapered poster bed

Simple four poster bed handmade of teak solid wood, plain canopy lying on top of tapered posters. Large side aprons support solid wood slats mattress base.

Indonesian Poster bed
Poster bed

Indonesia's original style poster bed, wooden slats support. Made of reclaimed teak wood, traditional tenon and bolt joints.

Mission Curved headboard bed
Curved headboard bed

A simple and sturdy solid wood bed handcrafted of teak solid wood. Features a mission headboard assembled of curved slats and large thick frame. Platform mattress support, wooden slats inserted into the side rails. Four large legs in low height large square size.

Mission Mission platform bed
Mission platform bed

Mission platform bed handcrafted of teak solid wood. Curved backward headboard, thick frames small trellis inside. Platform wooden slats mattress support, four plain legs connected with plain aprons under the mattress support..

Japanese Samurai bed
Samurai bed

Sturdy bed frame handcrafted out of teak solid wood into a traditional furniture style. Curved backward headboard assembled of large square solid wood stiles connected left to right with plain rails. Wooden slats mattress support inside wide side rails that connect the foot board to the headboard.

Lombok Lombok platform bed
Lombok platform bed

A rustic platform bed handmade of plantation harvested teak solid wood. Plain solid wood block headboard, platform woodslats mattress support.

Colonial Sheraton poster bed
Sheraton poster bed

Inspired by the wood turning decorated with twisted reeds of the Sheraton periods furniture, the poster bed will brings dramatic appearance into your bedroom. It comes with rattan wicker headboard and footboard.

Imada Four poster bed.
Four poster bed.

Turning and tapered wood four posters bed,frame handmade of reclaimed teak wood. High headboard, low foot board, plain side rails with tenon bolt joint, wooden slats mattress support.

Coro Slanted head low bed
Slanted head low bed

Plain and sturdy low bed handmade of teak solid wood. Taper headboard, no foot board, wooden slats mattress support, white washed finishing.

Jakarta Reclaimed teak poster bed
Reclaimed teak poster bed

Indonesia original style bed tapered posters. Made of reclaimed teak wood, high headboard, wooden slats mattress support.

Imada Horizon bed
Horizon bed

Modern and contemporary style bedstead handmade of reclaimed teak from neglected old teak house. Simple headboard 100 cm height, low footboard.

Plain Mission bed
Mission bed

Simple and plain vertical slats headboard bed, handmade of reclaimed teak wood from neglected old houses. Wide apron with wooden slats mattress support,tenon and bolt joint.