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  • Side rails and wood slats mattress base of Louis XV Sleigh bed
  • Solid wood raised panels on the headboard of Louis XV Sleigh bed
  • Side rails and wood slats mattress base of Louis XV Sleigh bed
  • Solid wood raised panels on the headboard of Louis XV Sleigh bed
Article KM.5L0.RZ9

Sleigh Mahogany sleigh bed

The sleigh bed is a French antique furniture design that depicts a sleigh shape with its curved headboard. Rounded top rail connecting scrolling top - curved in - then curved out stiles to form the headboard frame. A raised panel inserted to float inside the solid wood frame.

  • Handmade of Mahogany wood
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 174 x 226 x 96 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Louis XV sleigh bed frame

The sleigh bed is also known as Louis XV sleigh bed frame is an empire period furniture piece inspired by ancient Rome and Greek architecture in the early 19th century. The bed comes in a simple design with elegant curves, bead molding decorations and some scrolling wood carving accented the headboard, footboard, and side rails.

The Louis XV sleigh bed features a sleigh curved headboard and a sleigh curved footboard, the footboard is lower than the headboard. Both sections connected by bead molding decoration side rails depicting a sleigh (a horse-drawn sled usually with runners for use on ice) shape.

The bead molding decoration in the middle of the side rail connecting the top edge of the headboard legs to the footboard legs. The molding separates the sleigh shape from the bracket legs base gives an impression of a sleigh is lying on the ice.

Curved headboard

The headboard comes with a curved top and corner bracket bottom stiles, rounded top edge rail connect the stiles from left to right using a tenon mortise joint at the topmost. The raised panel inserted inside the headboard frame is constructed of mahogany wood boards glued with loose tongue joint. The panel floating inside the frame to allow the solid wood movement while contracting and extracting through various seasons.

The sleigh bed is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany wood harvested from sustainable forest. Our builder handcrafted the bed using time tested traditional wood furniture construction techniques and methods. Sustainably harvested mahogany wood, kiln-dried into 12% moisture contents, we ensure the sleigh bed can withstand various seasons without cracking or warping.

The side rails connect the headboard to the footboard using a tenon mortise joint with a bullet head screw fastener. Several mahogany wood slats inserted into the side rails to support the mattress.