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  • Sheraton poster bedframe
  • Sheraton poster bed wood headboard
  • Sheraton poster bed teak wood
  • Sheraton poster bed king size mattress
  • Sheraton poster bedframe
  • Sheraton poster bed wood headboard
  • Sheraton poster bed teak wood
  • Sheraton poster bed king size mattress
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Raffles Poster bed

Also known as Lord Mountbatten tester bed in Burma, the poster bed popular in early 19th century in south east of Asia. The bed features Sheraton inspired four vertical posters on four corners, flute detail poster accented with straight reeds and twisted reeds.

  • Sustainable solid wood teak or mahogany
  • Natural rattan skin wicker headboard
  • Available in any Standard mattress size, and custom mattress size
  • Various finishes methods and colors
  • Overall dimension 201 x 225 x 215 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Classic canopy bed

Poster bed has been around for centuries, its bring grandeur characteristic and warmth to the bedroom. The bed has a vertical column in each corner to support a canopy or simple rails that connect four posts at the top. The canopy is used to hang a curtain, to keep out the mosquito or other insects.

The poster bed has been a symbol of luxury and comfort for more than 3 centuries, the design available in classic to modern furniture periods. The antique poster bed in the 16th century and earlier are highly ornate, large four columns support a rectangular panel at the top. The 17th century and later using rounded poster decorated with vertical and spiral reeds.

Our Raffles poster bed is a replica of an Lord Mountbatten (1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma) tester bed, the bed features fluted posts on four corners, a finial decoration topmost section of the post locking the horizontal rails, straight reeds decorated the top sections and spiral reeds on the lower section. Each section of the post separated by cylindrical rings.

British classic poster bed comes with a plain wood canopy for curtain hanging fixed on top of the poster, fastened with wooden finial decorations. The bed frame available in standard and custom size with solid wood or caned headboard.

Handcrafted of plantation-harvested teak solid wood, the bed has four vertical column on each corner to support curtain rails. Plain wooden rails connected all four posts, fastened with screws and bolts decorated with a wooden finial. Colonial style turning four posts decorated with vertical reeds at the top and twisted reeds at the bottom.

Rattan woven headboard framed with plain solid wood, the top frame rounded and reeded. Wooden slats mattress support, plain aprons and legs, edges decorated with 5mm grooves, and turning feet. The bed frame shipped in the flat-pack, tenon, and bold fixtures to ease the assembly process

Sustainable solid wood

The piece is made of solid teak wood that harvested from sustainable timber plantation in Java island. Perhutani, an Indonesia state owned company responsible for the sustainability of teak timber. The company managing the planting and harvesting the teak timber, the planting and felling cycle is strictly regulated. None of the teak timber is felled before the replacement planted.

We kiln dry the teak wood into 12% moisture contents to ensure it can stand through seasons without warp and crack. Handcrafted using time-tested traditional furniture construction and joinery. Although the piece looks rustic with minimum craftsmanship, it was made with our best craftsmanship and equipped with modern furniture hardware.