Modern plain simple bookcases and classic repro breakfront cabinet habscrafted of teak and mahogany wood

Victorian Victorian Bookcase 6D
Victorian Bookcase 6D

Victorian bookcase is a replica of an English Victorian period furniture handcrafted out of mahogany solid wood. The book case sectioned into a molding crown hutch on top of block base sideboard. The hutch has 3 glass doors hutch contain two wooden shelves, the sideboard has 3 drawers compartments on top of 3 doors compartments.

Victorian Vintage bookcase
Vintage bookcase

English vintage bookcase handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. 2 glass doors hutch on top of 2 solid wood doors sideboard base. Solid wood shelves inside hutch and sideboard.

Plain Reclaimed teak bookcase
Reclaimed teak bookcase

Eco friendly reclaimed teak wood handcrafted into a simple bookcase. Steel brush distressed and white wash finishing. 3 shelves and 3 sliding glass doors top, 2 doors and 2 drawers bottom.

Basic Vitrine 2 drawers
Vitrine 2 drawers

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 drawers bottom, glass door and 2 adjustable shelves top.

Basic Basic display cabinet
Basic display cabinet

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 plains solid wood doors and 3 drawers bottom, 4 glass doors and 3 shelves top.

Whitewashed Display cabinet 5D
Display cabinet 5D

Contemporary display cabinet 3 door hutch on 2 doors and 3 drawers sideboard. Handmade of reclaimed teak using traditional wood furniture construction and modern hardware, steel brushed to distress the wood surface and whitewashed finish.

Parsamean Bookcase 12 doors
Bookcase 12 doors

Big teak furniture 12 doors, 9 drawers Rambe bookcase. Made of grade A teak timber in 2 sections hutch and base. The Hutch consists of 6 glass doors with solid wood frame, 5 drawers beneath center 2 doors. Stainless steel door pulls and hinges, 3 shelves inside. The base section consists of 6 wood panel doors, 2 drawers on top of lef and right doors.

Parsamean Bookcase RSD
Bookcase RSD

A large teak furniture piece, Rambe bookcase. Handmade of grade A teak timber into 2 sections a hutch and a base. The hutch consists of 6 glass solid wood frame sliding doors, 5 small drawers center. The base consists of 6 wood panel sliding doors, 4 drawers. Stainless steel hardware, plastic sliding rails.

Sigende Bookshelf FP
Bookshelf FP

Minimalist style bookshelf made of grade A teak wood, cube shelves 3 rows and 3 columns, floating panels construction. 2 slising doors bottom, plasticj slide rails, stainless steel door handles.

Sigende Teak bookcase 4 doors
Teak bookcase 4 doors

Plain teak bookcase 4 glass doors top, 4 drawers and 4 wood panel doors bottom. Mad of grade A teak wood into 2 sections base and hutch.  The hutch consists of 4 glass doors solid teak wood frame, stainless steel handles, conclealed hinges, 2 shelves inside. The base consists of 4 dovetailed drawers top, stainless steel plate pulls. 4 wood panel doors, concealed hines, stainless steel pulls.

Parsamean Tapian bookcase 6D
Tapian bookcase 6D

Simple bookcase made of grade A teak timber in 2 sections base and hutch. The hutch consists of 2 shelves, 4 glass with solid wood frame doors stainless steel hinges, and knob door pulls. The base consists of 4 wood panel doors, 6 dovetail joint drawers, stainless steel door hinges and pulls.

Parsamean Tapian bookcase SD
Tapian bookcase SD

Sliding 3 doors base bookcase made of grade A teak timber. 2 setion base and hutch. Glass 3 sliding doors solid wood frame, 3 shelves hutch. Wood panel 3 sliding doors solid wood frame, s shelf inside base.