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  • Reclaimed wood bookcase whitewashed finish
  • Reclaimed wood bookcase door details
  • Reclaimed wood bookcase drawers detail
  • Reclaimed wood bookcase whitewashed finish
  • Reclaimed wood bookcase door details
  • Reclaimed wood bookcase drawers detail
Article KM.5L0.RSF

Whitewashed Bookcase

Contemporary bookcase 5 doors and 3 drawers hanmade of reclaimed teak wood. Steel brushed and white washed finish.

  • Eco-friendly reclaimed wood from demolished building
  • Sectioned into hutch and sideboard
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Modern soft closing hinges and runners
  • Overall dimension 185 x 50 x 220 cm. Custom size allowed.
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The whitewashed bookcase sectioned into a hutch on top of a sideboard. The hutch features a compartment enclosed by three glass doors, the sideboard has two compartmets enclosed by doors and 3 drawers stacked in between.

The bookcase is made of teak wood, plantation harvested teak seasoned and kiln dried into 8% moisture contents. Real wood furniture piece made of sustainable timber drying properly.

Our builder handmade the piece using traditional furniture construction that allowing solid wood movement while it contracting and extracting through seasons.

Glass doors hutch

The hutch has flat top enclosed by plain solid wood panel fastened to the rails using wooden clips to allow wood movement, the sides enclosed by a floating panel inside the hutch structures.

The hutch compartment consisting of t wooden shelves, enclosed by 3 doors at the front side. All three doors assembled of plain frame, stiles and rail connected with tenon-mortise joint and 3 mm glass panel inserted inside. The door fastended to the hutch body using European stiles concelaed hinges hidden behind the door.

Sideboard base

The bookcase base is a sideboard 10cm projected forward from the hutch. The sideboard features 3 drawers stacked central front side between 2 compartments enclosed by wooden doors. Each compartment contains an adjustable height wooden shelf inside.

The sideboard doors assembled of plain frames and floating solid wood panel. Highlighted by large groove, the door fastened to the sideboard using concealed hinges that allowi you to open the door into 180 degree.

Three drawers stacked at central front side assembled of solid wood and plywood base. All drawers front highlighted with groove similar to the doors ont the left and right side. The drawer employs a ball bearing runners to ease you pulling and pushing it.