Cabinets and Hutches

Showcases, glass cabinets, vitrine, etagere made of teak and mahogany wood.

Baroque Late baroque vitrine
Late baroque vitrine

A beautiful glass door hutch on an elaborate carving base, the late baroque vitrine is a perfect copy of a French antique display cabinet to furnish your dining room into a classic room. The vitrine base features intrigue carving drawers on four cabriole legs

Victorian Victorian Bookcase 6D
Victorian Bookcase 6D

Victorian bookcase is a replica of an English Victorian period furniture handcrafted out of mahogany solid wood. The book case sectioned into a molding crown hutch on top of block base sideboard. The hutch has 3 glass doors hutch contain two wooden shelves, the sideboard has 3 drawers compartments on top of 3 doors compartments.

Victorian Victorian display cabinet
Victorian display cabinet

The Victorian display cabinet consists of hutch lying on top of a sideboard. Our builders handcraft the cabinet using mahogany solid wood. The hutch door using 3mm glass, solid brass hinges, and pulls. Solid wood board paneled door enclosing a shelf inside the sideboard, the base of the cabinet.

Colonial William & Mary vitrine
William & Mary vitrine

A slim vitrine colonial period antique furniture reproduction handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. All four sides enclosed by glass framed with plain solid wood. Curves front drawers and four bun feet base.

Victorian Colonial display cabinet
Colonial display cabinet

Antique colonial display cabinet replica handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Mirror back compartment with glass shelves enclosed by 2 glass doors on the front side. Plain simple structures glazed at the left and right sides.

Victorian Chippendale vitrine
Chippendale vitrine

Crowned with elaborate wood carving, the Chippendale vitrine will furnishing your dining room as a china cabinet, or as display cabinet in your living room, in classic style. The piece comes with glass side compartment enclosed by 2 glass doors and wooden drawer.

Plain Reclaimed teak bookcase
Reclaimed teak bookcase

Eco friendly reclaimed teak wood handcrafted into a simple bookcase. Steel brush distressed and white wash finishing. 3 shelves and 3 sliding glass doors top, 2 doors and 2 drawers bottom.

Basic Vitrine 2 drawers
Vitrine 2 drawers

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 drawers bottom, glass door and 2 adjustable shelves top.

Basic Basic display cabinet
Basic display cabinet

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 plains solid wood doors and 3 drawers bottom, 4 glass doors and 3 shelves top.

Whitewashed Display cabinet 5D
Display cabinet 5D

Contemporary display cabinet 3 door hutch on 2 doors and 3 drawers sideboard. Handmade of reclaimed teak using traditional wood furniture construction and modern hardware, steel brushed to distress the wood surface and whitewashed finish.

Whitewash Display cabinet 4SD
Display cabinet 4SD

Simple and plain cabinet handcrafted of reclaimed teak wood. A hutch with 2 shelves compartment on top of a sideboard. Gray washed finish coated with polyurethane spray protecting. Sliding mechanism doors, 3mm glass fitted into frames, solid brass handles.

Whitewashed Cabinet & hutch CSD
Cabinet & hutch CSD

A green solid wood cabinet and hutch made of reclaimed teak from demolished old teak house. The piece features a hutch with wooden shelves enclosed by glass doors on top of wooden doors base cabinet. All six doors using sliding mechanism and solid brass handles.

Sitoguran Teak plain vitrine
Teak plain vitrine

Sturdy and simple vitrine, glass door 3 shelves inside. Made of high grade teak wood, floating panels construction, tenon mortise structure joints.

Sitoguran Teak plain display cabinet
Teak plain display cabinet

Sturdy columns display cabinet 4 drawers bottom, 2 glass doors top. Made of high grade teak wood, stainless steel door handles and hinges, self closing drawers rails with stainless steel pulls.

Parsamean Vitrine 2 drawers 4 doors
Vitrine 2 drawers 4 doors

Modern teak vitrine 2 glass door and 2 glass shelves top, 2 drawer middle, 2 wood panels door bottom. Made of grade A teak timber, stainless steel door hinges and pulls, dovetail joint drawers with  stainless steel knob drawer pulls.

Parsamean Vitrine 2 drawers
Vitrine 2 drawers

Simple and slim vitrine made of grade A teak timber. A glass door solid wood frame, stainless steel pulls, concealed hinges, 3 glass shelves inside. 2 drawers bottom, dovetail joint sith stainless steel knob pulls.

Sigende Vitrine 4 drawers
Vitrine 4 drawers

Grade a teak furniture display cabinet, 2 glass doors solid wood frame top, 4 drawers bottom. Stainless steel door higes and handles, 3 shelves inside. Dovetail joints drawers, stainless steel plate drawer pulls.

Sigende Vitrine 2 drawers
Vitrine 2 drawers

Glass shelves Sigende vitrine 1door and 2 drawers. Made of grade A teak timber into a simple, plain, minimalist looking display cabinet. Glass door with solid teak wood frame, glass left and right side, floating panel back side. Stainless steel door hinges and handles. Dovetailed drawers, stainless steel plate pulls.

Sigende Vitrine

Simple vitrine glass doors and side panel, stainless steel hinges and pulls. Mase of teak wood, palin rectangular four legs, 2 glass doors with solid wood frame. 5 glass shelves inside.

Sigende Showcase 2 doors
Showcase 2 doors

Plain and simple vitrine 2 glass doors, stainless steel hinges and handles. Made of grade A teak timber, 4 rectangular legs, 5 shelves inside.

Hobuk Teak bookcase 4 doors hutch
Teak bookcase 4 doors hutch

Four glass door top bookcase, stainless steel handle, concealed hinges. 4 drawers and 4 wooden panel doors bottom. Made of grade A teak timber, 2 shelves top.

Sitoguran Extra large display cabinet
Extra large display cabinet

Extra wide display cabinet 4 glass doors and 4 drawers top section, 2 panels door and 10 drawers bottom. Made of grade A teak wood, float beveled panels doors and side construction. The top section consisting of 4 glass doors solid wood frame in a row cover removable 2 shelves, a drawer beneath each door total of 4 drawers. The bottom sections about 8 cm larger than the top sections, consisting of 5 drawers left and 5 drawers right, 2 doors center cover a shelf inside.

Sitoguran Vitrine 4D
Vitrine 4D

Sliding 4 door vitrine, 2 glass doors top, 2 glass doors bottom. Made of grade A teak timber, floating panels construction, stainless steel hardware.

Canga Sliding 3 doors cabinet
Sliding 3 doors cabinet

Display cabinet 2 glazed doors, a plain and simple wood furniture pieces. Made of teak wood, solid wood frame glass doors, and 5 wooden shelves inside.

Basic Kitchen cabinet
Kitchen cabinet

Simple and plain wooden display cabinet, glass door top, 2 drawers bottom. A perfect furniture pieces for kitchen, sliding doors system, sectioned into a hutch on top, and a sideboard bottom. Solid brass drawers and doors pulls, plastic slides and rails.