Coffee tables

Coffee tables, low tables, center tables, and cocktail tables made of teak and mahogany wood

Oriental Frustum center table 4d
Frustum center table 4d

Looking for a simple but unusual center table for your living room? Our frustum coffee table comes with glass top four drawers, and solid wood top six drawers. This trapezoidal table will be a perfect center piece for any seating group in your house.

Colonial Colonial coffee table
Colonial coffee table

A replica of antique colonial period coffee table handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood top profiled edges, 2 drawers at front side apron supported by four turning legs.

Colonial Raffles center table
Raffles center table

Combine the British classic wood turning with tropical rattan wicker the Raffles center table will bring back the prosperous nuance of colonial period. Handcrafted of teak, the table employs four Sheraton turning legs decorated with vertical reeds.

Victorian Coffee table
Coffee table

A British Victorian period antique coffee table reproduction made of mahogany wood. Plain and smooth solid wood top leaf on top of foliage carving aprons. Supported by four cabriole legs hassock carving knee and scroll feet.

Pauli Lift up coffee table
Lift up coffee table

Crate coffee table features a secret storage that appears when the top leaf of the table is lifted up. The table is made of reclaimed teak wood from railway sleepers, handcrafting into a sturdy and compact center table.

Teak bamboo Opium bamboo coffee table
Opium bamboo coffee table

The opium coffee table is one of the bending legs oriental furniture. The piece features a wide curved apron and mitered joint top leaf frame. Four large legs decorated with bead molding edges continued to the top rails.

Colonial Bun feet coffee table 2D
Bun feet coffee table 2D

Trunk style colonial coffee table features 2 large drawers handcrafted of plantation harvested teak wood. Plain smooth top table decorated by beautiful teak woodgrains, plain sides using mitered joint, the table employs four colonial bun feet.

Karimun Driftwood coffee table
Driftwood coffee table

Contemporary box coffee table made of recycle drift wood. The wood grains is distressed manually to enhance the wood grains,

Blackwood Lift top coffee table
Lift top coffee table

Teak furniture contemporary style, a moveable top leaf coffee table. Handmade of solid teak wood, solid brass fixture.

Opium Coffee table SQ
Coffee table SQ

Classic curved inward four legs coffee table. Made of teak solid wood, traditional construction and joinery.

Basic Angela center table
Angela center table

Beautiful solid wood coffee table, square top leaf, angle shape four legs. The top leaf of the table assembled of mitered joint plain solid wood frame, 1.5 cm solid wood

Oriental Ming coffee table
Ming coffee table

Oriental style teak furniture handmade of solid wood. Ming coffee table 4 drawers, solid brass drawer pulls.

Oriental Opium teak coffee table
Opium teak coffee table

Teak coffee table curved leg, oriental style. Made of teak wood, wooden slats doors, sturdy four legs.

Oriental Altar center table
Altar center table

A simple but beautiful square coffee table handcrafted out of teak wood harvested from sustainable plantation. Solid wood plain frame inserted with plywood panel top leaf fitted onto sturdy saber four legs.

Carl Coffee table
Coffee table

Contemporary plain coffee table whitewashed finish. Handmade of reclaimed teak wood, a simple tray available to extend the table leaf.

Lombok Lombok coffee table
Lombok coffee table

Indonesian Ethnic coffee table concave legs, trellis aprons, handcrafted of teak solid wood.

Rotang Rotang coffee table
Rotang coffee table

Contemporary coffee table rattan top leaf, solid wood frame.

Turner coffee table 1D
coffee table 1D

Contemporary coffee table 1 drawer natural distressed top leaf, black painted four legs and aprons.

Avignon Avignon coffee table
Avignon coffee table

French classic wood furniture pieces, 4 drawers coffee table, flower carving apron. Made of mahogany wood, solid brass drawer pulls.

Sitoguran Teak coffee table plain
Teak coffee table plain

Plain and simple coffee table 2 drawers, made of hig grade teak wood.

Lapo Coffee table 2 drawers
Coffee table 2 drawers

A contemporary style coffee table 2 drawer left and right. Hanmade of reclaimed teak wood, simple traditional construction, modern steel drawer rail.

Imada Coffee table 2 sections
Coffee table 2 sections

Reclaimed teak coffee table present sturdiness appearance in plain. A sustainable furniture piece, the table is made of reclaimed wood from neglected old teak houses in Indonesia. It features a thick solid wood board constructed with mitered joints into 2 sections of slim coffee table. A shelf under the top table connecting the slim coffee tables into a large table with a grove between.

Sitoguran Plain coffee table
Plain coffee table

Simple coffee table sturdy 8cm x 8cm legs. Made of grade A solid teak wood, solid wood top, plain wide apron. Corner bracket screw fasteners leg to top joinery. Naturally uniform color and grains, no bleaching, no chemical treatment. Smooth sanded finish.

Modern Coffee table
Coffee table

Modern and contemporary teak furniture, a plain and simple coffee table sliding 2 doors. Handmade of teak wood, traditional construction, stainless steel door handle.

Sheraton Center table
Center table

Turning and reeded legs coffee table, shells and fish carving apron. Made of solid teak wood.

Batavia Batavia round table
Batavia round table

Classic batavia style Round table handamde of teak wood, cabriole legs with x stretcher

Basic coffee table 2T
coffee table 2T

Two tiers solid wood coffee table handmade of teak solid wood. Plain top leaf made of solid wood planks with loose tongue joint floating inside mitered joint frames.