Reclaimed teak coffee table details
Reclaimed teak coffee table side view
Reclaimed teak coffee table front drawers detail
Reclaimed teak coffee table drawer runner detail
Reclaimed teak coffee table
Reclaimed teak coffee table details
Reclaimed teak coffee table side view
Reclaimed teak coffee table front drawers detail
Reclaimed teak coffee table drawer runner detail
Reclaimed teak coffee table

Coffee table 2 drawers

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A contemporary style coffee table 2 drawer left and right. Hanmade of reclaimed teak wood, simple traditional construction, modern steel drawer rail.

Size 120x 120x 40cm

Material: Reclaimed wood

Color: Natural


Dimension and sizes

Overall dimension :
Width 120, Depth 120, Height 40 Centimeter
Width4718, Depth 4718, Height 1558 Inch


Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

Our reclaimed teak id salvaged and repurposed from old houses, boats, bridges, and other structures that are being dismantled or renovated. It is supports environmental conservation by reducing deforestation and the impact on natural habitats. Salvaged properly, cleaned and treated to remove any potential contaminants or pests. The availability of reclaimed teak can vary, and it more expensive than other types of wood due to its quality and unique characteristics.


Fine sanding Treatment

Treatment : Fine sanding

We apply multiple sanding treatments to furniture wood surface. Starting from 180-200 grit to remove visible roughness or imperfections of the wood surface, and progressively apply finer grits until the wood has a beautifully smooth surface

Natural Color

Color : Natural

We apply a sanding sealer to our furniture before painting or staining the wood surface. The purpose is to fill and seal the pores of the wood, creating a smoother and more even surface, allowing for a smoother final finish, and prevent moisture absorption.

Unfinished Clear coat

Clear coat : Unfinished

Clear coat not applied to the wood surface

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