Manufacturing custom furniture

We bring your design to life

At Jan Furniture, we don't limit ourselves to only replicating existing furniture design and European antique furniture. For the last few years we have worked with customers to bring their ideas to life. We can manufacture, finish, package and ship your custom furniture design to anywhere in the world. We deliver all of this with the highest quality standards that people have come to expect when working with Jan Furniture.

Custom furniture

Custom furniture is any types of furniture pieces that are made according to customer design and specifications. We manufacture furniture to your own imagination, your own design, in any size and detail you want. You can choose any style and decide the the details, such as materials like wood, stain, and fabric. Furnishing your home with your own custom furniture is exciting, and a one-of-a-kind piece will add a unique sense of charm to your decor.

Every custom furniture project regardless of scale, whether it is one room or the whole house welcomed and given the same enthusiasm and care. Being a medium-sized company we have the ability to execute large custom furniture projects, working regularly with property developers and architects but still provide the personal service and flexibility more often associated with smaller companies.