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Black wood vitrine

Wood vitrine 2 doors

Black wood vitrine

Classic display cabinet glazed doors and sides. The piece is made of teak solid wood that harvested from plantation, kiln dried into a proper MC and exposed to weather to prevent cracking and warping in any climate. Wooden top leaf profiled edges, quarter round front left and right poles.

Glass 2 doors profiled wooden frames, cover 3 wooden shelves inside. Euro style concealed hinges, solid brass knob pulls, a lock at the right door. Glazed left and right side in 2 sections top and bottom at each side. Cabriole four legs and waved bottom aprons.

The legs and apron is well suited, the bead edges of the apron is look good.

Customer : Indofur

The piece is smooth sanded for paint finish, sanding spray to fill the wood pores, painted with black oil paint. The inner space of the vitrine is left unfinished in natural color, coated with lacquer. We can apply wood transparent finishes to the pieces, or custom finishes according to customer request. The doors using 3 mm standard glass, tempered glass available on request.


  • 3 mm glass
  • Handmade of Teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 110 x 52 x 195 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Vitrine full view
Solid  brass door pulls and lock detail
Front view the glass doors and front apron shown
Solid wood grains at the glass door frame
Cabriole legs and waved apron detail
Opened doors, inner wooden shelves obviously shown