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Concave backrest dining chair

Teak wood concave back dining chair

Stunning dining chair comfortable backrest handmade of teak solid wood. Turning front legs, circular flower carving tom, leaves carving middle. Straight front apron decorated with nails and bullet carving, tenon-mortise joint to legs. Designed for comfort, the backrest of the chair built in curved concave shape, solid wood top frame with nail carving decoration.

The backrest top frame connected to the center of side apron with curved solid wood frame. Plain and tapered back legs in saber type flaring outward. Straight left-right aprons, nails and bullet carving decoration.


Simple and light chair, comfortable yet.

Customer : Karina Listyani

The solid wood frame is sanded with #120 grit sandpaper to remove the scratch caused by the woodworking machine. Steel brushed to enhance the wood grains and pores, we use #260 grit sandpaper to remove the wood particle that left by the steel brushes and smoothing the wood surface.

The chair painted with water base paint, then it sanded again to remove the paint from the wood surface and left the paint inside the pores. We apply polyurethane top coat to protect the paint and wood surface. The seat and backrest upholstered using rubber stripes, foam, and fabric.


  • Fabric upholstery
  • Handmade of Teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 65 x 65 x 76 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Curved concave backrest dining chair full view
Quarter circle solid wood backrest left frame
Carving at the seat front apron