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Victorian bed king size mattress

Victorian bed frame made according to it original design

Victorian Bed

Handcrafting a replica of Victorian period bed, a private customer custom made request.

The most notable of the Victorian bed frame is the dome shape high headboard cresting with wood carving. It features two finial wood turning decorations on the left and right side of the headboard.

We created the bed for a private customer in Brisbane, Australia. The client expecting us to build the bed using mahogany solid wood, no modification, she want a true copy of the original Victorian bed .

Exaggerate curves headboard


The headboard design features exaggerate curves solid wood frame accented with scrolls and foliage wood carving. Raised panels highlighted with thin groove inserted inside the frame.

The headboard fixed to square shape posters with finial decoration top on the left and right sides.

Plain solid wood rails

Side rails

The side rail of the bed come in beautiful shape, it waving down from the headboard, straight central, and waving up to the foot board. The outside of the rail decorated with thin line carving.

The side rails connected to the headboard and footboard using tenon mortise joint fastened with a tenon bolt.

Elaborate footboard

Foot board

The bed features a low foot board bow shape curved top side, the frame decorated with foliage carving inlay. A thick flower carving embellishes the foot board on the left and right edges. L shape legs with block feet support the footboard on the floor.

Kiln dried wood

The piece is handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, kiln dried into proper moisture content. Sanded with several grits sandpaper to clean and smooth the wood surface. Painted with oil base paint, the profile edges glazed with cream paint, the carping painted with gold paint. Wooden slats mattress support included with the bed.


  • Tenon bolt fastener
  • Handmade of Mahogany
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 200 x 198 x 244 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Victorian bed mahogany wood full view
Plain apron enlightened with line engraving
Foot board detail view
Headboard finial detail view
Headboard carving at the crest detail view