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Leather inlay table

Solid wood leather inlay tables

Leather inlay table

A small project custom made an antique coffee table and two side tables.

The leather inlay table custom made project requested by a leather product shop in Jakarta. The clients wanted a sturdy center table and two side table in a similar design to complement guest room chairs and sofa in the shop. Also, the table design should look antique and slightly rustic.

The table designs

After proposing some designs, the client chooses following designs to custom made.

Leather inlay center table
Leather inlay center table

The designs features antique brass accessories on the outer corner of the legs reinforcing the table apron to leg joinery, and some antique nails on the top table

Later the client request to change the accessories on the center table corner similar to Javanese antique doors hinges

Handcrafting the table

In response to customer requirement of a low price, we build the table using low-grade teak wood. This low-grade teak vary in texture, grains, and color. As shown on the following center table photo, the teak wood on the legs and aprons has dark and light yellowish color.

Leather inlay center table

Our builder handcrafted the center table using traditional wood furniture construction, employ tenon mortise joint to connect the top apron to the leg. The flat panel on the top table flying inside the frame, this is to prevent cracking and warping in any seasons.

Leather inlay center table

The side table features a drawer under the top leaf, a shelf on tapered feet reinforce the legs. The tables apron accented with teardrops carving similar to Chippendale antique period furniture carving.

Leather inlay center table

We embellished the tables using solid brass antique corner fastener and rounded head nails.


  • Beveled leather inlay
  • Handmade of Teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 165 x 60 x 45 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Leather inlay center table
Leather inlay center table right view
Leather inlay center table front view
Antique brass accessories on table apron
Leather inlay detail on top table
Solid wood top leaf frame of the center table
Center table frame unfinished