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Mahogany LXV VItrine 2 glass doors

Louis XV Vitrine Simplified top mahogany solid wood

Louis XV vitrine

Beautiful classic vitrine modified into a simple and plain top bookcases

The piece is made similar to classic vitrine Louis XV period with some modifications to the top side. Instead of using rococo carving decoration and crown molding, the client expecting a plain and simple board to cover the top side of the vitrine. The board overhanging about 1 inch, decorated with bead edge profile.

Four vertical poles of the vitrine rounded and highlighted with bead molding, raised panels floating inside the structure covering left and right side of the vitrine.

The vitrine features 3 wooden shelves enclosed by 2 glass paneled doors fixed to the front stiles with antique brass hinges

Rococo carving cabriole legs and scroll foot

Rococo carving

Rococo carving cabriole legs and scroll feet support the vitrine on the floor. The scroll on the foot continues to the bead molding on the edge of the leg and horizontal rail that connected all four legs.

Beautiful! I like the modification you applied to the top side.

Customer : Rofique

The piece is handcrafted of reddish brown Indonesian mahogany solid wood we harvested from sustainable forest. We kiln dried the solid wood to 12 % moisture content, exposed to weather for several weeks.

Our builder using traditional construction and joinery to build the vitrine. Tenon mortise structures joint, loose tongue planks joint, floating panels construction at the left-right-back sides. These construction allow the movement of the solid wood while contracting and extracting through seasons.

Properly sanded and cleaned into smooth surface to allow the best finishing method applied to the piece.


  • Glass doors
  • Handmade of Mahogany
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 155 x 45 x 220 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Louis XV Vitrine 2 glass door black color
Louis XV Vitrine black color legs and foot carving detail
Louis XV Vitrine 2 glass door white painted
Louis XV Vitrine white legs and foot carving detail
Glass door lock detail