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Flower carving bed

Custom design bed & bedside

Flower carving rococo bed

French classic rococo bed and bedside custom modification by customer

These bed frame and bedside were made according to a photo that sent by a private customer. Handcrafted from mahogany solid wood, the headboard is about 62 inches height, decorated with flower carving on the top and sides frames, a rose carving cresting at the center of top frame, flanked a beveled panel with a bunch flower carving center under the crest.

The carving at the headboard and detailed bunch flower carving at the center is similar to the rococo carving a the French classic furniture.

Plain solid wood aprons, with wooden slats mattress support. The aprons are connected to the headboard and foot board with traditional tenon mortise joint, fastened with tenon bolt.

Stunning custom made bed frame with beautiful ornately carved detailing, finished with red mahogany stain.

Customer : Christopher Allen

The foot board legs scrolling to top higher than the aprons, flower carving foot board aprons with flower cresting ornament on the center, cabriole legs, scrolling whorl feet with flower carving.

Mahogany wood bedside 1 drawer
Mahogany wood bedside 1 drawer front detail

We create two bedsides in a same design to match the bed frame. Hand carved with similar ornaments, each bedside has a drawer and a shelf bottom. Bombee shape, cabriole legs, and whorl foot.


  • Wooden slats mattress support
  • Handmade of Mahogany
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 128 x 220 x 158 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Mahogany wood bed frame full view
Carving ornament at the headboard bottom frame
Cabriole legs at the foot board
Rococo carving at the headboard top corner