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Mokus dresser 10 drawers

Reclaimed wood dresser 10D

Reclaimed wood dresser 10D

Plain dresser 10 drawers hand made of reclaimed teak wood, 2 columns left and right. The first row consists of 4 drawers, 3 other rows consist of 2 drawers. Dovetail joint drawers, tandem steel rails. Solid wood drawer pull protruded forward at the top front drawers.

Crossed wooden blocks foot, 2 long beams from left to right on the top of short beams at left and right side of the dresser.

Strong and bold solid wood dresser in a perfect size.

Customer : Indofur

The piece was steel brushed to enhancing the wood grains. Then the wood surface were sanded to clean the wood particle and smoothed the wood fibers. The sealer coat were applied to the wood surface,followed by grain staining. Finished with nitrocellulose lacquer to protect the wood and stain.


  • Soft closing drawers
  • Handmade of Reclaimed Wood
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 180 x 45 x 90 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Reclaimed wood dresser 10 drawers full view.
Solid wood drawers, 4  drawers on topmost row, 2 drawers on 3 rows.
Wooden drawers pull detail