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Teak solid wood bookshelf 2 sliding doors

Real solid wood furniture in cheap price, is it possible?

Cheap wood furniture

Thin and flat paneled teak solid wood made to your target buying price

While most of our clients want a wood furniture custom made to suit space in house, one of our new client want a furniture made according to his target price.

The clients sent us the photos of a bookshelf, ask us to redesign the piece to lower the price. A simple and plain bookshelf 4 rows 3 columns top, three doors  compartment bottom.

Solid wood flat panels on the doors and sides

Solid wood thin board panels

We use thin panels inside the plain structures to reduce the material cost. The grooves on the stiles is deep enough to allow thin panels extracting to it maximum size, and contracting to minimum size without leaving the groove.

Sliding base compartment

Sliding doors

The base compartment using 2 sliding doors, this is to allow us reducing the thickness of frame and panels of the doors. Using the plastic runner, cheap but reliable, to easing the opening and closing of the doors.

Handcrafted of plantation grown teak solid wood using time tested traditional construction and joinery. Floating panels construction at the left, right, and back sides to allow the movement of the inner panels when the solid wood extracting and contracting through seasons. 12 open shelves in similar size, separated by solid wood panels vertically and horizontally.

Thank you! The design is too simple, not as i expected. But the price as low as my expectation

Customer : Karrina Yusuf

Two sliding doors at the bottom covering a compartment with an adjustable height wooden shelf inside. The doors assembled of horizontal grains floating panel framed by plain solid wood 7 cm wide and 3 cm thick, using a plastic sliders and solid brass door pulls. The piece is stained with teak natural color and finished with nitrocellulose lacquer.


  • Sliding doors
  • Handmade of Teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 130 x 45 x 200 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Teak bookshelf sliding doors full view
Teak bookshelf front view
Sliding doors detailed view
Bottom shelves detailed view
Middle shelves detailed view
top shelves detailed view