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Wardrobe cabinet 4 doors

Uniform color with unique wood grains, grade A teak wardrobe

Wardrobe cabinet 4 doors

A modern minimalist furniture handcrafted of teak solid wood

The wardrobe is made according to photos of a modern particle board wardrobe cabinet in client's house. The client's want similar wardrobe made of real solid wood, fine sanded, no stain.

Compartments design

The wardrobe has two compartments separated by 2 drawers at the middle, both compartments contain a removable wood shelf enclosed by 2 doors.

Our skilled craftsman handcrafted the piece using high grade plantation grown teak wood, kiln dried into proper moisture contents. Using proper construction to allow the movement of the solid wood while extracting and contracting through seasons.

Plain solid wood left and right sides using loose tongue joints, mitered joint corners. 2 simple doors accented with grooves cover a wooden shelf inside. 2 drawers middle, dovetail joint using ball bearing runners. 2 doors bottom similar to the top doors and a wooden shelf inside.

Beautiful and unique teak wood grains in uniform color. Just love it!

Customer : Karrina Yusuf

We use high grade teak wood in uniform color to build the piece. Kiln dried into 8% moisture contents, exposed into rains and sunlight to ensure it will not crack or warp. We use several grits of sand paper to clean and smooth the wood surface, stained with teak natural color, finished with polyurethane.


  • Handmade of Teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 130 x 45 x 175 cm. Custom size allowed.

Photo Gallery

Teak solid wood cabinet 4 doors full view
Teak solid wood cabinet 4 doors front view
Solid wood grains left doors detailed view
Solid wood grains right doors detailed view
Four doors opened, the interior detailed view.