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  • Empire period partner desk mahogany wood leather inlay top
  • Dovetailed drawers of the Empire period partner desk pulled out
  • Front side detailed view of the Empire partner desk
  • Empire period partner desk mahogany wood leather inlay top
  • Dovetailed drawers of the Empire period partner desk pulled out
  • Front side detailed view of the Empire partner desk
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Empire Partner desk

The partner desk is a wide desktop and kneehole that allowing you to work together with your partner on the same work surface. The top section of the desk has 3 drawers inline under leather inlaid top. A cupboard on the left side and a chest of drawers on the right side support the desktop.

  • Handmade of Mahogany wood
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 180 x 90 x 77 cm. Custom size allowed.
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18th desk replica

Partner desk also known as double desk has the same features on the front and back sides, or at least one side is made as if it has features similar to the other, so partners can use the desk simultaneously. The partner desk is constructed of 3 drawers top section, on two pedestals base. This desk type was introduced in England in the early 18th century to accommodate senior officials who want a desk that can be used to work together while keeping the convenience and the prestige of the pedestal desk.

Partners desks are a very practical piece of furniture and great for home office, many of the partner desks that are made today are made according to the design principles of the partner desk in the 18th century. Our partner desk is made according to the Victorian furniture period partner desk. The desk features leather inlay top on two pedestals of a cupboard and a chest of drawers. The desktop has a length of 6 feet and a width of 3 feet, an adequate width to be used by two people working by facing each other.

Leather inlaid desktop

The desktop of the Victorian partner desk sectioned into three green tooled leather writing surface constructed of rounded outer edge frames and leather inlaid panels insert. The desktop frames protrude out on four sides, the central section receded on the back and front sides.

Three doors inline under the desktop constructed with dovetail joint, the front side of the drawers outlined with bead molding edge decoration.

Desk pedestal

The desktop section of the partner desk is lying on top of 2 pedestals, a chest of 3 drawers on the left and a cupboard on the right side. The cupboard enclosed by a wooden door constructed of a raised panel floating inside plain frames. The left pedestal features wooden drawers stacked in 3 rows, dovetail joint construction bed molding edges and solid brass bracket pulls front side. Both pedestals constructed with raised panels inside profiled edges solid wood frames.

Mahogany wood

The Victorian partner desk is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood, using traditional furniture construction which allows the solid wood movement while extracting and contracting through seasons. Solid wood frames constructed with tenon mortise joinery and floating central panel, all drawers built with dovetail joint and floating board base, the front face of the drawers decorated bead molding edges. A solid brass bracket plate pulls attached to the center of the drawer front face.

The left and right side of the pedestals is covered with raised central panels floating inside bead edges decoration solid wood frames. The doors are assembled of plain solid wood frames and raised solid wood central panels, using solid brass hinges and handle.

Every four corners of the pedestals are decorated with flute detail. The pedestals stand on top of corner bracket feet decorated with foliage and scroll wood carving.

Georgian Partner Desk

The Georgian partner desk is made of high-quality mahogany wood, the desk has a smaller size compared to the Victorian partner desk above. The desk features an open kneehole to accommodate two users at the same time. Solid wood desktop with a smooth wooden surface and rounded corner accented with profile edges provide the user with a perfect writing surface. Wide central drawers above the legs/knee space between small drawers on the left and right sides. The front drawers edge decorated with thin bead molding, equipped with solid brass bracket pulls.

Louis XV Partner Desk

The Louis XV partner desk is made of Indonesian mahogany wood, the desk features solid wood top leaf accented with rounded edges and aprons laid on top of 2 pedestals, chest of three drawers at the left side and a cupboard enclosed by a wooden door at the right side.

Sleigh shaped top section edges, the partner desk comes with stylish top leaf and apron design, three drawers under the top leaf designed similar to the top leaf apron made the desktop section appeared solid and strong. The drawers split into 2 small drawers in the same width with the compartment down to it, and 1 large drawer center on top of the kneehole.