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Article KM.5L0.RYJ

Turner Desk 4D

The reclaimed wood desk features an old age solid wood desktop on classic flute legs. Salvaged from unused old benches and tables in Java island village the desktop has a naturally distressed surface, brings both unique woodgrains and weather possessed color on it.

  • Handmade of Reclaimed Teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 180 x 70 x 75 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Reclaimed wood desktop

The reclaimed wood desk brings an antique dramatic nuance into your workspace. The desktop has a naturally rough surface distressed by weather and its color is uniquely affected by various types of seasons for decades lying on fluted legs, an old solid wood board lying on top of antique design base. The reclaimed wood desk employs 5mm glass panels to provide you a flat and smooth space for a writing surface.

Reclaimed wood desktop

The top section of the reclaimed wood desk is constructed of solid wood planks reclaimed from the old tables and benches that usually used to furnish a terrace in Java island villages. The desktop is left as it was to maintain the antique natural distress on the wood surface. The tropical weather changes the reclaimed wood color into a beautiful gray patina, this brings the uniqueness to the desk. The reclaimed wood desk is unparalleled to others, you will never find another desk with the same desktop color and texture.

Due to the scarcity of the reclaimed old benches and tables, we can only supply you with a limited quantity of the reclaimed wood desks.

Mahogany bureau and legs

New mahogany wood used to construct the bureaus of the reclaimed wood desk. The bureaus hanging under the reclaimed teak desktop, each of them has 2 drawers stacked. The bureau's drawer constructed with a dovetail joint, it has a convex shape on the front side. All of the four drawers employ ball bearing runners to ensure you can easily pull and push it back.

The bureaus fastened to the desktop front apron, handpainted and accented with some scratch marks.

The reclaimed wood desk stands on the floor with four turning legs attached by plain rails support the bureaus and desktop, all four feet employ a solid brass protection blanket.

We can apply any finishes method and colors to the desk, push to open or soft-closing runners available to choose for the bureau drawers.