Dining chairs

Various dining room chairs handcrafted out of teak and mahogany wood into classic repro with original carving and plain simple modern

Classic Teak Teak dining chair
Teak dining chair

Classic but simple, this teak dining chair brings classic nuance while preserving modern simplicity into your dining room. The chair is handcrafted of teak wood, a dense, close-grained hardwood that is sourced from plantation grows Tectona grandis tree ensure it durability to stand through  generations.

Colonial Sheraton dining chair
Sheraton dining chair

Influenced by Georgian period chair design the Sheraton dining chair features turning legs with vertical reeds decoration to beautifully stand on the floor on your dining room. Rattan wicker hand woven onto seat rails will raise tropical warmth within a classic colonial pride nuance.

Provincial Provincial carver chair
Provincial carver chair

Looking for the French classic medaillon backrest dining armchair? We handcrafted neat Provincial carver chair to match the provincial side chair and any classic dining table you have, using sustainable production forest mahogany wood and rattan skin wicker.

Colonial Palm bar armchair
Palm bar armchair

Complementing the colonial style flute leg bar chair, we create the armchair in a same design and height. Together with the palm bar chair this armchair is a perfect selection give a touch of classic colonial into your existing dining room furniture pieces.

Provincial Medaillon chair
Medaillon chair

Classic Louis XVI Medaillon chair upholstered seat and backrest. Made of mahogany solid wood, round backrest, turned legs.

Louis XV Louis XV dining armchair
Louis XV dining armchair

Handmade French classic furniture pieces. A Louis XV dining armchair made of mahogany solid wood. Twin rose carving seat apron and backrest crest, cabriole legs flower carving knee. Upholstered seat, arm support, and backrest.

Louis XVI Directoire armchair
Directoire armchair

French antique furniture made of mahogany wood, turned front legs, curved back legs. Upholstered seat and backrest

Provincial Directoire chair
Directoire chair

French antique furniture reproduction made of mahogany wood. Turned front legs, flower carving seat apron. Upholstered seat and backrest.

Provincial Louis XVI armchair
Louis XVI armchair

A neat dining armchair handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany wood. This will be a perfect carver chair for your dining furniture set. The chair features Louis XVI period chair design, turning legs blunt arrow feet supported reeds decorated seat rails and arm rest.

Ruji Balero dining chair
Balero dining chair

Curved backward high backside chair made of teak wood. Slats backrest, plain legs, H stretcher.

Batavia Banteng arm chair
Banteng arm chair

Indonesian colonial period chair, banteng Betawi arm chair, handcrafted out of plantation harvested teak. Half round shape seat supported by arrow foot front legs and curved backward plain back legs.

Colonial Kitchen armchair US
Kitchen armchair US

Want a more comfortable regency kitchen chair? The mahogany wood regency kitchen armchair will be a perfect chair to furnish your kitchen The chair comes in smooth solid wood surface with a comfortable seat upholstered with foam.

Colonial Kitchen armchair
Kitchen armchair

The regency kitchen armchair features slick armrests scrolling on top of the seat rails. The chair is handcrafted of teak wood to match our pedestal round dining table in your kitchen corner.

Colonial Commercial armchair SR
Commercial armchair SR

Complementing the sunrise carving commercial chair the Raffles commercial armchair comes in the same design and height, features a slick armrest attached to the back stiles slide down and morphing from rectangular to round shape onto the front legs top.

Colonial Regency Commercial chair
Regency Commercial chair

Mahogany regency dining chair comes in a similar size to the original teak regency dining chair but combines the rattan wicker backrest with an upholstered seat. The chair will perfectly match any classic mahogany dining table in our furniture catalog.

Colonial Palm dining chair
Palm dining chair

The colonial palm dining chair features a classic chair design of the curved back stiles resembles human body back contour. Furnish in colonial style and bring the pride of the colonial period back to your dining room.

Colonial Regency side chair
Regency side chair

Out of the most reliable hardwood available Indonesia we handcrafted the regency dining chair to bring the past time into your dining room. The chair features rattan wicker seat and backrest on wood turning legs.

Colonial Sunrise dining chair
Sunrise dining chair

A stunning colonial period dining chair features sunrise wood carving on it lavish solid wood backrest. The Raffles dining chair SR will be perfectly furnish your a room into an old colonial style dining room.

Colonial Regency armchair
Regency armchair

Love the scroll arm rest of the regency period? The scroll dining armchair is an alternative to our regency dining armchair. The chair features rattan skin wicker hand woven to the frame made it last for long time.

Batavia Banteng chair
Banteng chair

Jakarta ethnic (Betawi/Batavia) original chair, curved top frame slats backrest, wooden seat. Made of teak wood, stretcher front legs, and front to back legs. curved outward back legs and back rest to ensure the comfort.CUSHION NOT INCLUDED.

Empire Library chair
Library chair

Flower carving curved legs antique chair reproduction. A French empire classic chair, reeded arms support with leaves carving. Made of mahogany wood, upholstered seat and backrest.

Directoire Ushant dining chair
Ushant dining chair

An elegant turning front legs dining chair handcrafted of mahogany wood. The chair combines rattan upholstery backrest with fabric upholstery seat into a comfortable French classic directoire period side chair for your dining room.

Colonial Commercial dining chair SR
Commercial dining chair SR

Modified form the Raffles sunrise teak dining chair, this chair features thick back stiles and reinforced legs to ensure it can stand for long time in commercial area. Wide solid wood concave shape backrest decorated with sunrise carving and detachable upholstered seat provide comfort to the seater.

Colonial Palm chair commercial
Palm chair commercial

Furnishing a commercial space requires sturdy furniture pieces. We modify the colonial palm chair into sturdy frame and reinforced the legs with H stretcher to allow you furnishing your restaurant with classic colonial dining furniture.

Victorian Fiddle back chair CL
Fiddle back chair CL

Reproduction of Victorian dining chair mahogany wood fiddle carving round backrest upholstered seat.

Victorian Fiddle back armchair CL
Fiddle back armchair CL

Classic dining armchair fiddle carving round backrest, upholstered seat, cabriole front legs.

Colonial Sunrise bar chair
Sunrise bar chair

Looking to furnish your bar with British classic style chair? The Raffles sun bar chair comes in a beautiful and stylish design for you. The chair features a beautiful wood carving of sunrise on it backrest, upholstered seat, and solid brass foot support.

Provincial Lyre dining chair
Lyre dining chair

Classic directoire dining chair, seagrass seat. Made of mahogany solid wood, curved legs, lyre carving backrest.

Colonial Raffles armchair
Raffles armchair

Pairing the Raffles dining chair, an armchair comes in a similar design and height. The chair complemented with arm rests attached to the backrest stiles, slide down onto the top of fron legs.

Colonial Raffles commercial chair
Raffles commercial chair

Raffles commercial dining chair comes with larger frames than the original teak wood rattan seat chair. This is to ensure it strong enough and stand for long time to carry persons of various weight in commercial area.

Colonial Regency dining armchair
Regency dining armchair

Complementing the regency dining chair we handcrafted the dining arm chair in same style and height out of plantation harvested teak wood. The regency dining armchair along with the dining chair feature rattan wicker seat and backrest on wood turning legs.

Colonial Palm arm chair
Palm arm chair

Want to pair the colonial palm chair? Here is the armchair in a same design and decorations. The colonial armchair comes with slick arm rest slide from the back stiles to the wood turning front legs.

Colonial Palm armchair commercial
Palm armchair commercial

To pair our commercial palm chair we build the chair in similar design complemented with beautiful arm rests connected the back stiles to the beautiful wood turning front legs.

Hosea Dining Chair
Dining Chair

A modern curved back chair, hasea restaurant dining chair made of solid teak wood. Upholstered seat and back rest, tapered four legs.

Hosea Simply chair
Simply chair

Modern chair with simple upholstered backrest, tapered four legs, upholstered seat.

Victorian Chippendale ribbon chair
Chippendale ribbon chair

Antique Chippendale ribbon carving backrest dining chair replica made of mahogany solid wood. Pierced splat backrest curved top rail decorated elaborate wood carving. Brown suede fabric seat slip inside plain seat rail. Cabriole front legs and ball and claws feet, plain back legs curved backward.

Victorian Chippendale ribbon armchair
Chippendale ribbon armchair

Chippendale ribbon carving armchair of the Victorian period handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Pierced splat backrest decorated with elaborate carving, slip seat upholstered with foam and fabric. Cabriole front legs acanthus leaf carving knee, claws and ball feet. Plain back legs curved backward.

Victorian Fiddle armchair TL
Fiddle armchair TL

Antique armchair reproduction made of mahogany wood, balloon shape and fiddle carving splat backrest. Upholstered seat on bead edges rail, turning front legs, plain curved back legs.

Victorian Fiddle chair TL
Fiddle chair TL

A classic dining chair balloon shape backrest and pierced splat fiddle carving central decoration. Upholstered seat fixed on bead edges rails. Turning front legs arrow feet, plain backlegs curved backward.

Baroque Rococo dining chair
Rococo dining chair

Rococo dining chair decorated with foliage carving on the backrest stiles. The chair features roses and scrolls carving crest on the backrest top. Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, seat and backrest of the chair is filled with high resilience foam, covered with suede fabric.

Provincial Louis Philippe dining chair
Louis Philippe dining chair

Love the French classic balloon back dining chair in your dining room? We handcrafted the reproduction of the Louis Philippe arm chair for you. The chair is made of mahogany solid wood and rattan wicker.

Biedermeier Slats back chair
Slats back chair

Biedermeier style dining chair handmade of teak wood, upholstered seat.

Lapo Obelix dining chair
Obelix dining chair

Contemporary dining chair, oblique back legs, tapered backrest, legs stretcher, hanmade of reclaimed teak wood.

Lapo Reclaimed wood taper backrest chair
Reclaimed wood taper backrest chair

Simple and plain dining chair, taperd backrest hanmade of reclaimed teak wood.

Lapo Archiback dining chair
Archiback dining chair

Archiform back dining chair, curved backward back legs and backrest. Solid reclaimed wood backrest, taper front legs, waved seats. Handmade of reclaimed teak woood from neglected old teak houses.

Imada Taper backrest arm chair
Taper backrest arm chair

Simple armchair taper backrest top handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Plain and sturdy four legs, solid wood seat and top backrest.

Imada Taper backrest chair
Taper backrest chair

Simple dining chair taper backrest top handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Plain and sturdy four legs, solid wood seat and top backrest.

Imada Wooden slats curved backrest chair
Wooden slats curved backrest chair

Colonial style dining chair made of reclaimed teak wood. Curved 3 wooden slats backrest, plain legs with stretches.

Imada Kitchen chair
Kitchen chair

Contemporary dining chair made of reclaimed teak wood, plain four legs, thick backrest. Solid wood seat, traditional construction.

Colonial Ganesha teak leather chair
Ganesha teak leather chair

Teak leather arm chair bending arms. The frame is made of solid teak wood, tapered and curved outward front legs, plain curved outward back legs. Leather upholstery seat and backrest.

Sheraton Sheraton tub chair
Sheraton tub chair

Sheraton colonial style teak rattan tub chair, turning and reeded front legs, taper back legs. Made of teak wood, rattan backrest, upholstered seat.

Batavia Batavia new chair
Batavia new chair

Batavian original banteng chair modified into a simple terrace chair. Made of teak wood, rattan seat and backrest.

Ruji Vika high backrest dining chair
Vika high backrest dining chair

Simple and modern dining chair wooden slats high backrest made of solid wood. Plain four legs with H stretcher.