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Article KM.5L0.RSW

Karimun Drum pedestal round table

Drum pedestal round table present the sturdiness in simplicity while delivering on natural detail. The table base marries the coarse of distressed wood surface with concealed join designed to allow the expansion an contraction of the solid wood.

  • Handmade of Reclaimed wood
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 155 x 155 x 75 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Reclaimed wood dining table

The drum pedestal table is made of reclaimed wood from disassembled old teak house. The table features a simple design to furnish dining room into modern contemporary space. Disk shaped top leaf fitted onto cylindrical apron lying on a solid wood drum shaped hollow tube as pedestal.

The wooden barrel pedestal is constructed of reclaimed solid wood board, using loose tongue joint to form a drum shaped hollow tube. The barrel joint is secured with wooden ring on the outer edge of the top and bottom lips to force the extraction and contraction of the solid wood toward inside of the barrel. The concealed construction and joinery inside the drum shaped pedestal designed to allow the solid wood movement.

Disk shaped top leaf

Disk shaped top leaf of the drum pedestal dining table is constructed of solid wood boards glued all together, fastened onto cylindrical rails in a way that allow extraction and contraction of solid wood. The board fastened to the rails using wooden clips that can move along the rail, this is to avoid cross grain lock and prevent cracking and warping.

The wood surface is sand blasted to fabricate the driftwood erosion on the table.