Solid wood dresser dressers, high chests, commodes made of teak and mahogany wood

Louis XVI Reclaimed wood dresser 4D
Reclaimed wood dresser 4D

The Louis XVI reclaimed wood and rattan dresser features 2 large drawers stacked under 2 small drawers splitted on the top row. Optional mirror attached on the top fastened with steel bracket to the backside of the dresser.

Reclaimed wood and rattan Louis XVI dresser 5D
Louis XVI dresser 5D

Looking to furnish your bedroom in classic style solid wood furniture without feel guilty to the environment while you laying on your bed? The Louis XVI reclaimed wood dresser made for you who want to furnish your bedroom with eco-friendly solid wood furniture pieces.

Louis XV Louis breakfront dresser
Louis breakfront dresser

Beautiful French classic chest of 6 drawers handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Breakfront central section contain 2 drawers, cabriole four legs. Solid brass knoband bracket plate drawer pulls.

Louis XV Louis dresser 8d
Louis dresser 8d

Mahogany wood classic dresser 2 small drawers and 6 large drawers, French classic Louis XV periods.

Colonial Medicine chest
Medicine chest

A classic furniture piece turning legs, a medicine chest of 30 drawers handmade of solid teak wood. Teardrops carving top edge, ring plate drawer pulls.

Canga Wave front dresser
Wave front dresser

Plain and simple wooden dresser, high chest of 7 drawers. A hardwood furniture pieces constructed with teak wood and traditional joints.

Bali Bali commode 3D
Bali commode 3D

A modern look solid wood commode 3 drawers handmade in Indonesia. Wooden slats side panel, solid wood top leaf, dovetailed drawers.

Bali Bali slim commode 4D
Bali slim commode 4D

Modern teak furniture, a slim commode 4 drawers made of teak. Wooden slats side panels, dovetailed drawers.

Opium Dresser 6 drawers
Dresser 6 drawers

Indonesia furniture oriental style curved four legs. Opium chest of 6 drawers made of teak solid wood, dovetailed drawers with solid brass pulls.

Directoire Rocroi chest
Rocroi chest

A beautiful wave front dresser handcrafted out of mahogany wood replicating classic directoire furniture. The chest features four dovetailed drawers, wave front side in similar shape to the dresser top accented with fake lock and solid brass knob plate pulls.

Teak bamboo Bamboo dresser 6D
Bamboo dresser 6D

An Indonesian traditional furniture combine the most durable solid wood with flexible bamboo fiber. The teak bamboo dresser provide you a large storage with it 6 bamboo paneled front drawers.

Teak bamboo Bamboo dresser L3D
Bamboo dresser L3D

3 drawers dresser teak wood structures, bamboo drawers an panels.

Teak bamboo Bamboo dresser 3D
Bamboo dresser 3D

A small storage chest of 3 drawers handcrafted of teak wood accented with bamboo wicker panels, giving a perfect combination of earth friendly material in a furniture piece.

Teak bamboo Bamboo chiffonier
Bamboo chiffonier

Teak wood and bamboo high chest of 7 drawers.

Directoire Escalier 14 drawers
Escalier 14 drawers

Directoire escalier brings plenty storages of 14 drawers and 2 doors into your living room, the piece comes in stair shape chest of drawers on a simple block base. The piece is handcrafted out of mahogany wood using traditional construction and joinery.

Directoire Direcoire chiffonier
Direcoire chiffonier

A French classic directoire high chest of drawers, combines 6 large and 16 small drawers into a slim shape chiffonier. The piece is handcrafted of mahogany wood, tray style top leaf and corner bracket base.

Oriental Opium stair chest
Opium stair chest

A classic oriental teak furniture, opium chest of 5 drawers. Handmade of teak wood, sturdy curved legs, 5 drawers in 3 rows stair shape.

Whitewashed Chest of 4 drawers
Chest of 4 drawers

Contemporary chest of 4 drawers handmade of reclaimed teak wood. Steel brushed and white washed finish.

Sigende Chest of 10 drawers
Chest of 10 drawers

Plain chest of 10 drawers made of grade A teak timber. Dovetail joints drawers in 5 rows and 2 columns, stainless steel drawer pulls. Wooden panels left, right, and back side.

Parsamean Parsamean chest 7 drawers
Parsamean chest 7 drawers

Tapered legs chest of 7 drawers made of teak wood. Solid wood top, panels back, left, and right side. Dovetail joints drawer, stainless steel knob drawer pulls.

Parsamean Chest of 3 drawers
Chest of 3 drawers

Sturdy chest of drawers made of grade A teak wood. Dovetail joint drawers, European style rails, stainless steel knob drawer pulls. Floating panels  back, left, and right side, solid wood top.

Hobuk Dresser 6 drawers
Dresser 6 drawers

Contemporary dresser 6 drawers in 3 rows. Made of teak wood, 4 plain legs. European rail drawers, stainless steel pulls, dovetail joints. Floating panels construction back and side, solid wood top.

Trellis Stair cabinet 6D
Stair cabinet 6D

Stair cabinet handmade of teak wood. 3 trellis doors and 3 wood panel doors of total 6 doors.

Ruji Stair cabinet trellis
Stair cabinet trellis

Contemporary furniture piece stair cabinet trellis 2 doors and 4 drawers. Handmade of teak wood, woodstained and nitrocellulose top coated.