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  • Reclaimed wood bedside
  • Reclaimed wood bedside drawer pulled out
  • Reclaimed wood bedside
  • Reclaimed wood bedside drawer pulled out
Article KM.5L0.RKF

Canga Bedside 1D

Looking for a small bedside cabinet for a low bedframe? This bedside is perfect selection for you. The bedside features an open storage on top of a drawer to provide you storages for small items you need in the night, and as a base for your lamp stand.

  • Handmade of Reclaimed wood
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 50 x 40 x 35 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Earth friendly reclaimed teak

The natural reclaimed teak bedside cabinet features beautiful teak wood grains and patina color. Our builder handcrafted the bedside of salvaged teak wood from demolished old house in Java village.

We select teak wood from houses that have been stood for more than twenty years to build our reclaimed teak furniture. This is to create unique grain and patina colors as well as highly durable solid wood furniture.

Two drawers pulled forward using steel bracket pulls. The drawers assembled with dovetail joint rails and floating solid wood board base.