Classic chaise lounge and modern sofas handcrafted of teak and mahogany wood.

Louis XV Louis XV chaise longue
Louis XV chaise longue

Looking for the feminine sofa for your living room? Louis XV chaise lounge is a perfect furniture piece that you have to consider. The chaise comes with beautiful curves solid wood frames accented with classic wood carving decorations.

Karmin Teak sofa 3s
Teak sofa 3s

Living room 3 seats sofa solid wood slats sides and backrest beautifully curved outward. This best selling living room sofa is handmade of teak solid wood by our custom furniture builder. Thick and wide seat rails , yet comfortable with padded cushion backrest and seat.

Sudar Sofa 3 seats
Sofa 3 seats

A simple sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood, accented with natural rattan skin under the arm rests. Solid wood slats seat and backrest in plain seat rails, supported by tapered front legs and rectangular back legs.

Karmin Teak rattan sofa
Teak rattan sofa

The teak rattan sofa comes with strong yet elegant solid wood frames combined with exotic rattan skin wicker. A perfect addition to a living room to provide spacious and comfortable seating. Thick and sturdy frames employ wooden slats tilted backward to support seat cushion. Curved outward slatted backrest, rattan wicker left and right sides.

Baroque Rose single end sofa
Rose single end sofa

The rose single ended sofa features mahogany wood frame decorated with elaborate wood carving of the late baroque period furniture style. Comfortable with curved outward sides and lowered on one side left or right. Beautiful detailed carving backrest rail curved down to lower end side.

Victorian Victorian sofa SE
Victorian sofa SE

Victorian period sofa single ended, mahogany wood frame, fabric upholstery seat and backrest.

Colonial Colonial sofa
Colonial sofa

Bring generous comfort in classic style into your room with. our colonial sofa. The piece designed to provide maximum comfort with it slanted upholstered sides while decorated any room with it beautiful wood carving on it mahogany frame.

Diagon Diagon sofa 3 seats
Diagon sofa 3 seats

3 seats and 3 drawers wooden sofa part of lounge furniture set. Made of teak wood, curved outward armrest and backrest, taper legs. 3 drawers with wooden rails under the seat apron. Including seat and backrest cushion.

Indonesia Rhombus daybed
Rhombus daybed

Indonesian ethnic original daybed handcrafted of teak solid wood. Plain frames, wooden slats seat, raised rhombus panels backrest. Loose cushion high-density foam with fabric cover, throw pillows and bolsters included.

Indonesia Madura sofa
Madura sofa

Indonesia classic sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood. Large seat apron curved to armrest decorated with reeds and scroll top end. Upholstered seat and backrest using high density foam and black leather.

Indonesia Jodang daybed
Jodang daybed

Jodang daybed is a Javanese original bench that usually used to furnish terrace. Handcrafted of reclaimed wood from demolished old building, the bench features sturdy legs and large scrolling arm rest. Three drawers inline at the seat front rail, using antique brass ring plate pulls.

Indonesian Poster daybed
Poster daybed

Javanese ethnic style day bed, 4 posters. Made of teak wood, wooden slats backrest, seat cushion included. Hemp cord ornament.

Colonial Teak rattan sofa
Teak rattan sofa

A large sofa of the Indonesia colonial furniture handcrafted of teak solid wood. Curved outward large stiles ended with turning legs and cylindrical foot. Rattan wicker hexagonal strand caning pattern backrest and sides.