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Karmin Teak rattan sofa

The teak rattan sofa comes with strong yet elegant solid wood frames combined with exotic rattan skin wicker. A perfect addition to a living room to provide spacious and comfortable seating. Thick and sturdy frames employ wooden slats tilted backward to support seat cushion. Curved outward slatted backrest, rattan wicker left and right sides.

  • Handmade of Teak wood
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Overall dimension 220 x 90 x 75 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Teak and rattan wicker sofa

The teak rattan sofa is part of our Karmin cane seating set. The sofa features the combination of the most durable solid wood and exotic rattan fiber. The sofa comes in a large size providing you with spacious seating to spend your leisure time. Wooden slats backrest and rattan wicker accented sides curved outward to provide comfort, this will be a perfect addition to your living room.

Customer photo of Caned wood sofa

The teak rattan sofa frame is constructed of teak solid wood using traditional wood furniture construction and joinery to ensure its longevity, presented in a piece of sturdy simple furniture with an elegant shape. Unique teak wood grains on the wide seat apron and top rails give a strong character to the piece. Handcrafted with attention to detail, we built the sofa using traditional wood furniture construction. The frame is connected with tenon mortise joinery, fastened with dowels.

The stiles of the teak rattan sofa are curved outward at the top section to provide more space when used to leaning back and sides, the styles connected by curved rails at the top and wide seat aprons in the middle. Several solid wood slats curved similar to the stiles connected from the top rail to the seatback rail act as the backrest.

Double side rattan wicker attached on the left and right armrests raise exotic tropical nuance into any living room. We select the best natural rattan skin to ensure the wicker can last for decades.


The teak rattan sofa included seat and backrest cushion to ensure it comfortable and pleasurable for sitting, reclining, and resting. The cushions available in single piece and sectionals square pieces, you can choose to use a single cushion or combination of single and sectional cushion for the backrest and seat.

The cushion is filled with high resilience foam, it can retain its shape immediately upon sitting on it.

Fabrics, wickerworks, and leathers for the cushion cover are available in our upholstery section page. You can choose any available material on that page, or you can suggest custom fabric if none of them meet your criteria.


We sand down the sofa wood frame with multiple grits of sandpaper to remove flaws such as scratch and dents caused by mills and woodworking tools. Staring with #180 sandpaper grit and ended with #360 sanding sealer.

After 3 times a sanding sealer, the sofa is ready for the staining process. There are many finishing colors in our finishes page to select for the bed, natural wood color, paint, powder coating, and leaf gilt.