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  • Reclaimed teak bath stool
  • Reclaimed teak bath stool front view
  • Reclaimed teak bath stool
  • Reclaimed teak bath stool front view
Article KM.5L0.RSK

Imada Milking stool

The milking stool inspired by traditional onsen-style bath stool. The stool has Japanese flavor that makes it beautiful in simplicity. The seat is curved downward to provide comfort, supported by 2 legs that are properly splayed to stable the stool.

  • Green furniture made of reclaimed teak
  • Available in various finishes and colors
  • Custom size and finishes allowed
  • Overall dimension 50 x 30 x 45 cm. Custom size allowed.
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Bath stool

Milking stool is actually is a bath-stool for people that unable stand and need a seat while bathing. It is also a bathtub-stool where you can put toiletries so you can grab them easily while you are in the bathtub. The material and design of the milking stool is durable and stable for bathroom furniture piece.

The stool is made of reclaimed teak wood from disassembled teak house in Java, the most sustainable and durable solid wood. Handcrafted using traditional wood furniture construction. The wood and the construction ensure the stool can withstand various humidity without cracking or warping.

The milking stool seat made of solid wood board, it is curved downward in a perfect arc to provide comfort and safety when it used in a wet room. The seat is supported by 2 block legs of solid wood board, splayed to ensure the stool stability. The legs fastened to the seat using tenon-mortise join and locked by dowel.


Reclaimed Wood
Milking stool is made of reclaimed wood from demolished old houses, barns, railway sleepers, and any other teak wood which previously structures.
Size WxDxH
50 x 30 x 45 cm19 5/8 x 11 6/8 x 17 5/8 InchVolume : 0.078 Cubic meters
Fine sandingm beeswax coating (optional)
Non slip rubber feet